First Year Scholarship

2022.01.18 01:53 Ok-Object-9052 First Year Scholarship

I'm starting uni this year and I'm wondering what's going on the scholarship offers.
I am eligible for Monash Guarantee and applied on VTAC and have different categories on my SEAS application but I have not been offered a scholarship. my friend got a scholarship offer at Monash but I did not.
is this because I have not fully accepted my monash offer or will I only be eligible once I start uni?
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2022.01.18 01:53 donpharaohh I noticed something today…

You can hear carti’s chains when you listen to his songs slowed+reverb
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2022.01.18 01:53 lemonadeking666 Uusi
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2022.01.18 01:53 averagejoeliving Nothing is funnier than when someone flames on mic!

Like genuinely its hilarious when someone does bad and someone mics and says “wowww, so baddddd man” Jesus look how bad you are with that certain tone. Its hilarious and its even funnier when im the one being called out. Wayy better than text flaming.
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2022.01.18 01:53 MindlessTrifle8487 Leggings Recommendations

Hi I have a big butt and hate it when my cheeks jiggle when I walk in leggings. I have the align leggings and they honestly don’t provide much support for my booty. Any legging recommendations?
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2022.01.18 01:53 Kayystufff R smp 24/7 cracked Season 15

join R smp now Our smp features: ->24/7 server ->cracked allows all players to join ->lore ->nations -> freindly small community If you see this post please upvote it
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2022.01.18 01:53 funkster047 How do I change the location of objects (like buttons) with a button?

I thought for example button2.Location.Y.Equals(771); would move it up, but nope, it did nothing.
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2022.01.18 01:53 joklyt Khaos UPG collection

Great to see more and more people worshipping Khaos lately and thank you Nector for creating this group.
As someone who has been an active worshipper of Khaos and has had many UPG experiences related to her, I am looking to create some sort of knowledge base about Khaos worship. Please feel free to comment (or DM me if that makes you more comfortable) any UPG'S, experiences, rituals, offerings, etc. that you have in relation to Khaos. Also be sure to let me know how you would like to be credited for your input if I publish it.
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2022.01.18 01:53 fortebarprep Free webinar for bar prep tips!

The founders of Forte Bar Prep are doing a free webinar next Tuesday, January 5 at 2 pm PST. Join us to get tips on how to optimize your bar prep in the last month of studying + learn more about the Forte Study System. Any questions you may have about the bar exam are welcome. Click to sign up.
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2022.01.18 01:53 jlucas115 [QUESTION]Why isn’t my guitar working?

i’ve been playing for Most Of the Day and it doesn’t Sound very good. it’s super quiEt And all The chords sound like SHIT. I was hoping to get a to-aN (lord forgive me for my sins) like eriC clapton or whoEver the fuck pLayed guitar for led zeppelin. I waS expecting to be a lot better at this.
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2022.01.18 01:53 TrickyMidnight1481 Do you like coke?

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2022.01.18 01:53 yash_jaipuriya Day 1

Lets see how far I can go
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2022.01.18 01:53 beeleeveitornot Stable and long term group party pay group invites you to join us!

Come join our party pay group. We've been together for almost 2 years. Our member count ensures your monthly Visible service bill will never go above $25.
If you are new to Visible and plan to sign up, you can save $35 off your first month's bill and pay only $5 total. Message me for the friend code.
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2022.01.18 01:53 iAmproject863 TRADING FR BAT DRAGON FOR 2 FROST DRAGON AND ADDS

Or good offer
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2022.01.18 01:53 abeey91 Wondering??

Is the farming simulator worth getting I have all the others and they all seem the same. Is the new worth it?
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2022.01.18 01:53 Ok_lani Expedite 765 while waiting on 485?

My company started the process for me to become a resident back in 2020, starting with the H1B lottery, then the PERM, and finally in September filling for AOS and EAD.
However, and since we started with this process, my wife has not been able to work. It's been now two years, and it's starting to take an emotional and financial toll on us.
Is there a way of requesting USCIS to expedite our EAD or AOS? I understand that this would require some form of proof of financial loss, which I can't say we have had (it is definitely tight, but manageable), but wondering if there's anything else we can do? Or better to just wait it out for a few more months?
Appreciate anyone's comments on this
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2022.01.18 01:53 Pro-crastinator001 Hi everyone, I’m a data analyst with a top company but I want to transition my role into Data Science. Currently I work on SQL and Google Sheets but I want to transition into a more technically dense role, because just extracting data and analysing it on google sheets is getting a little monotonous.

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2022.01.18 01:53 TiaNightingale Have some skykid fanart I made

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2022.01.18 01:53 ArmAndHammerCurls Good dapper old man names?

Recently getting another shih tzu, he's a boy! Just curious if you guys had any good old man dapper names? lmao something like Winston, or Gunther, etc, not necessarily like Charles lol. Just curious for ideas!
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2022.01.18 01:53 Alternative-Bother-2 Need help with this one. What is the sample????

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2022.01.18 01:53 unrulycheese918 gummy bear

It was my last class of the semester, and the final exam was worth 30% of our grade. After a late night study session I felt confident, but I had to decide between sleeping in or cooking breakfast. My eyelids chose sleep. My stomach later regretted this decision, and after several uncomfortable stomach growls, I finally decided to make a quick stop by the campus bookstore and grab a snack before my test. Since the semester was ending and everyone was going home for the summer, a lot of items were on sale, including the snacks and candy that they kept up front. Being in the hungry state that I was in, it felt only logical to pick the largest, yet least expensive candy in order to get more bang for my buck. And there they sat: two bags of Haribo Sugar-Free Gummi Bears, buy one get one free. "What a deal!" I thought naïvely. I would eat one bag before my test, and one bag afterwards. As I walked to class, I gleefully chewed on those abominable little bastards, unaware of the utter mayhem that they would soon unleash upon my poor, poor anus. I sat down at my desk as the professor informed us that, due to issues with cheating in the past, restroom breaks would be prohibited until the completion of the exam. "I'll give you 10 minutes to use the restroom now; this will be your last chance. Any takers?" The demon bears hadn't released their unholy necromancy upon my stomach yet, so in my moment of ignorant foolishness, I remained seated, still munching on those miniature bear-shaped bombs. After the students wise enough to take the professor's offer had returned, the professor handed out the test. I was six questions in when it happened. It started subtly at first, almost like a slight tingly sensation in my lower abdomen. I thought nothing of it, assuming my intestines were just doing their thang. Little did I know that my intestines were trying desperately to warn me of the horror that was on the horizon. By question 9 it happened again, but this time it was followed by a sharp pain, as if those infernal hellions had orchestrated an attack upon my colon. I fought to contain the groan that tried escaping my lips. It was at this point I began to panic; something was going horribly long, and I needed to get through this test before it got any worse. By question 14 my worst fear was upon me; the Satan bears' burning, hot, liquidy dark magic crashed against my anal sphincter like a tidal wave. I was able to close the hatch just in time, but those relentless, toxic bears beat against it like Orcs breaking down the doors of Helm's Deep. I knew I wouldn't be able to so much as shift in my seat without risking a breach. I kept fighting through my exam, clenching my cheeks with all my might. Beads of sweat began rolling down my neck. Suddenly, a loud, gurgling war cry came from my belly, and the entire class lifted their heads. At this point, nothing mattered except expelling this ungodly presence from my bowels. With 15 questions left, I promptly wrote C for every answer and ran out of the classroom. My professor yelled something, but I was too preoccupied with the volcanic eruption that needed to take place before I could find sweet, sweet relief. I burst into the restroom like the Kool-Aid man and, behold, the handicap stall was empty. Sun rays from the adjacent window shone upon it, as if it were a gift from God himself. It took me less than .5 seconds to undo my belt buckle, pull down my pants, and finally relax my weary buttocks upon the toilet seat. It took absolutely no effort to expel this demon. Almost immediately, the floodgates of hell were opened and the damned, liquified souls of an entire bag's worth of gummi bears cried as they burned through my sphincter and into the watery abyss below. I had never felt such simultaneous relief and anguish in my life. After 30 more minutes of this, I immediately went home, dug a hole in my backyard, and burned the remaining bag of gummi bears. I leave with this; do not, I repeat do NOT eat these spawns of Satan. Not only did they cause me to fail my final test, but the anguish I experienced is something I wouldn't wish upon anyone, not even my worst enemy. The only place these god forsaken hell bears belong are buried deep below the Earth's surface.
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2022.01.18 01:53 Outrageous_Screen359 Any exchanges allow staking for elon?

Im relatively new to this one and just checking if theres one you guys might use that allows staking?
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2022.01.18 01:53 jdl2007 Just 4 days worth of cardboard after a bailer goes down. Tacoma, WA

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2022.01.18 01:53 Cheems_Bread Birb with hat

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2022.01.18 01:53 Deezenuttss Rate

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