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2022.01.18 00:38 Botched_Jobber Why didn’t Leann Rimes become a superstar?

She, imo, was as talented vocally and on stage as Shania Twain. However, she never sniffed Shania’s level of fame. Any theories as to why?
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2022.01.18 00:38 WitchyHazelnut Doordash keeps taking me to the same store buts literally closed and I've reported it multiple times on different shifts.

Like...no one's there and there's clearly a sign out front that says theyre closed. Also the drive-thrus are blocked by traffic cones and the kitchen lights are off. I have pictures too.
Tonight, I got sent an order there. I marked it as closed, got half pay, then went on with another order. I was immediately sent to the same store.
Guess it's free money? But surely there's a catch here Doordash ain't this stupid. Also I'd appreciate it if my account wasn't terminated.
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6592 8599 1080 - thecodester10. add me and comment. taking 5 people.
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He got stuck in a crack.
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2022.01.18 00:38 Razzmatazz-Sweet Tf2 will not close

I have experienced this problem quite a lot in the past as I exit and re-open tf2 a lot. I exit tf2 via the Main menu exit button but steam says tf2 is "still running" usually I fix this problem by using task manager to close tf2 there but this time there's no HL2.exe app I can close. Help?
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2022.01.18 00:38 YessikZiiiq Maybe a good time to Pick up mon perishables?

I'm not recommending anyone go panic buy, but it may be a good idea to pick up a flat of ramen or something equally cheap whenever you're at a store. If anyone here plans on joining a general strike, we're going to need to hold out.
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2022.01.18 00:38 stardusterious cheetos are very unsettling and freak me out

Cheetos. Those weird, orange blobs. I hate them. The dust is everywhere, the shape is ugly, the color is obnoxiously artificial. The texture alone probably will kill me. They’re disgusting and I don’t understand why they are as popular a snack as they are.
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2022.01.18 00:38 pxland How does the community feel about the Streaming adaptations of…..

….Mr. Mercedes and 11/22/63?
I personally like them very much. Although not as much as the books. I just wanted to get other input. Plot, actors, holes, etc.
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2022.01.18 00:38 gm19g The President, the King, and the Kaiser - USA Lore and the Election of 1936

The President, the King, and the Kaiser - USA Lore and the Election of 1936 The United States in the Aftermath:
When Americans woke up in 1919 to a world dominated by the Kaiserreich, some were overjoyed, others dismayed, but most were apathetic. After all it was just another European war, and one that had cost millions of lives at that. After the SS George Washington sinking and Black Tom Explosion, the Entente was forced to open non-war trade to Germany. A multitude of private charities stepped in to help alleviate hunger in the Central Powers, one of the leaders of this movement was a young humanitarian named Herbert Hoover. Hoover led the Commission for Relief in Germany and later the new Belgian state of Flanders-Wallonia. Along with humanitarian aid though, investors began to invest in German industry and companies. This increasing trade with the devastated nation led to an even greater economic boom in the United States as they profited off of their neutrality. While the upper and middle class thrived though, the working class had not forgotten the injustices of the Gilded Age. Prominent socialist journalist Jack Reed left the burning husk of Bolshevik Russia and was there to bear witness to the French Civil War and establishment of the Commune of France. Taken by the comparative efficiency and ability to provide for the people of the CGT's government, compared to what he had seen of the Bolsheviks, he became an ardent syndicalist and on his return from Europe released 10 Weeks That Shook the World, an apparent sequel to his earlier writings on the failed Russian Revolution. It became the definitive English-language account of the French Revolution, and earned Reed great notoriety among American leftists including one ‘Big Bill’ Haywood. Reed would convince Haywood to officially endorse syndicalism, which he did, and it became the official ideology of his newly formed Socialist Party of America (SPA).
President Woodrow Wilson had made true on his campaign pledge to stay out of the war and was known as the “Man Who Kept the Peace” by most of the public. Using his popularity and without regard to his health problems, Wilson secured the Democratic Party's nomination for an unthinkable third term. Wilson’s longtime Vice President, Thomas R. Marshall, refused to be on the ticket as VP again and so the Democrats chose Attorney General Alexander Mitchell Palmer to run with Wilson. Wilson’s first choice for VP, the ambitious Assistant Secretary of the Navy Franklin D. Roosevelt had succumbed to Guillain-Barre syndrome earlier that year so Palmer was readily accepted. The election was tighter than 1916, but in the end Woodrow Wilson became the first American President in history to be elected to a third term.
The Third Inauguration of President Woodrow Wilson, March 1921.
This political victory was short lived however as Wilson suffered a debilitating stroke shortly after his election, setting off a constitutional crisis and struggle for power in the Cabinet. Technically because he hadn’t died he was still President and VP Palmer was unable to take full command of the office. Wilson did what he could but would die in early 1924. Until then, Palmer and the cabinet reacted to the French Revolution and growth of American syndicalism with increasingly extreme crackdowns on union organizing. Eventually a slew of the organizations suspected to have connections to the radical left were banned from running for office. This backfired and led most remaining unions and organizations to merge with the SPA, which held so much power in the workforce that banning it would certainly lead to a nationwide general strike. As workers became increasingly radicalized and anarchist bombings made several attempts on Palmer’s life the political situation deteriorated alongside the economy due to a combination of strikes, political instability, and a loss of trading partners as Germany implemented its’ Mitteleuropa plan.
The solidarity and radicalization of the workers came into national view in late 1921 when the Battle of Blair Mountain ended in victory for the larger unions after elements of the National Guard defected to their side. Combined with the greater sympathy for workers and less sympathy for the companies, the Federal Army is delayed on the roads by crowds as they deploy to the scene. This one day delay is crucial. With the full syndicalist force engaged and augmented by the better trained Guardsmen, the miners swiftly win the Battle of Blair Mountain and seize Logan. The Army arrives and the unionists surrender in return for amnesty. With Palmer’s fear of larger syndicalist revolution, the promise is broken, and the trial has its venue moved from West Virginia for fear of sympathetic juries and the union leaders are executed. This betrayal convinces the more radical left to support syndicalists over Democrats and Republicans.
A defected National Guardsmen Teaches Workers Rifle Drills at the Battle of Blair Mountain
The 1922 midterm election came as a shock for the political establishment. In the Steel Belt, the SPA wins several House seats and even wins one of the Senate seats in West Virginia. The Democratic Party itself lost even more seats in the House and Senate to the Republican Party, taking away their supermajority and allowing the Republicans to begin filibustering and delaying. This further clogged up the Federal Government’s ability to pass legislation that would stop the rise of radicalism.
Radicalism and Partisanship:
Another unforeseen consequence of Palmer’s “Red Scare” was how it drove many to already established groups to defend themselves from the “red menace”. The most popular of these groups was the Ku Klux Klan. It was no secret that President Wilson was sympathetic to the Klan. To many, his premiering of the pro-KKK film Birth of a Nation in the White House seemed like an open endorsement and played a large part in ushering in the second wave of the Klan. Membership of the Klan and National Democratic White League swelled as millions joined the organization after the SPA was elected to seats in the Federal Government. Coupled with an influx of immigration of Catholics and Jewish people, the Klan and NDWL spread out of the South and used its populist rhetoric to recruit and radicalize across the country. In the North they found ready funding from nativist Henry Ford who led an industrial empire that was under attack by the syndicalist unions.
The Klan and National Democratic White League Experienced Swells in Membership During the Red Scare and Continued to Grow in Every State
The 1924 election saw the now President Palmer barely win the presidential election. Also in 1924 a new political party rose to national prominence as Robert La Follette’s Progressive Party finished in a strong third place. La Follette won Minnesota, Nebraska, Montana, and South Dakota. The party's base provided a non-revolutionary alternative to the social change that the SPA was advocating and managed to convince many Republicans to vote Progressive. Because of this the Republican establishment blamed La Follette for handing Palmer the election. The SPA gained dozens of new seats in the House, as well as gaining Senators in Illinois, Michigan, and Iowa. The Illinois Senate seat itself went to "Big Bill" Haywood. The biggest loser of the 1924 election was the Democrats. Even though they retained the Presidency, Palmer was still extremely unpopular and now they had lost their majorities in the House and Senate. Things would only get worse when the British Revolution ended in 1925 and the Union of Britain was proclaimed. This stopped the stock market’s crash… instead they began to plunge. The Great Depression put a full stop to America’s post war prosperity and while Palmer tries to halt the plunge, a bickering Congress doesn’t let his Administration do anything meaningful.
President A. Mitchell Palmer Campaigning in the 1924 Election
President Palmer was assassinated by a bomb that was thrown under his car as he was being driven through Washington DC days after the stock markets plummeted. The killer was never found and no organization claimed the killing. Vice President William McAdoo was also unable to push through any new legislation in the gridlock, further polarizing politics in the United States as businesses collapsed, workers were fired, and the average American went bankrupt.
The Aftermath of the President Palmer Assassination
A special "pan-union" congress was called in Philadelphia on July 12th 1925. “Big Bill” Haywood and the leaders of the IWW put forth a bold plan to form an umbrella organization to coordinate union activities and policy, to the end of bringing the revolution to America, tentatively named "The Combined Syndicates of America" (CSA). Though the plan was met with general approval, several constituent unions within the AFL objected to the goal of violent revolution. Haywood sent Jack Reed into a meeting with representatives of the dissent unions to work out a compromise. The anti-revolution unions would be organized into a uniquely autonomous branch of the CSA headed by Norman Thomas, the famous socialist and anti-war activist. "One Big Union" was now a reality.
The Democrats were crushed in the 1926 midterm elections. The Socialist Party won dozens more seats and even gained a few more in the Senate. The Progressives also did well with strong turnout in their favor across the Midwest. The Democrats that were reelected were mostly in the deep south or in rural regions that the Progressives hadn’t reached. They were mostly reelected with the endorsement of the Klan, NDWL, or using funds from Henry Ford. Unofficially called the Old Democrats or Jacksonian Democrats for their stances on race and populism, this coalition of Congressman caused further disunity among America’s political establishment.
The only real bright spot for the United States in the year of 1926 was their spearheading of the creation of the Legation Cities in the aftermath of the German Intervention in China. Notably, Quentin Roosevelt, the son of former President Theodore Roosevelt, was sent as part of the US diplomatic efforts to protect American interests abroad. In addition to gaining recognition as an able diplomat during the Intervention, Quentin Roosevelt earned additional fame for his aviation skills.
Beginning of the End:
The McAdoo Administration was basically already in it’s lame duck phase all through 1927. He could do nothing but watch as the country fell apart even more when any relief bill put before Congress was shot down by either the Syndicalists for not going far enough, or the Republicans and Old Democrats for going too far. Wanting a change from the Palmer-McAdoo years, the Democrats nominate Al Smith for President in 1928. However because Al Smith was Catholic the Old Democratic faction bolted from the party and created a new political party. The Old Democratic Party (ODP) embodies the Dixiecrat anxieties and harkens back to the Jackson Democratic Party. Propped up by the Klan, NDWL, and disillusioned corporatists and populists in the north, it was a force to be reckoned with and tried to run Henry Ford as it’s nominee.
After the success of the creation of the CSA, the SPA decided to run Norman Thomas as their presidential candidate in order to solidify the support of moderates. The Progressives decide to not run a national campaign and instead focus on local and state elections. They also officially merged with other existing Progressive parties such as the Minnesota Farmer-Labor Party to create the Progressive Farmer-Labor Party.
The Republicans, seemingly the only stable establishment party left, nominated the ticket of Charles Curtis for President and famed humanitarian business leader Herbert Hoover for Vice President. The Republicans were banking on the Democratic split to deliver them to the Presidency and come November their wishes came true with the Republicans barely winning an electoral college plurality by carrying New England and the West Coast. For the first time since 1912, a Republican was in office.
The Winning Republican Ticket After 16 Years
Also in 1928, a 35 year old man named Huey Pierce Long won the Louisiana gubernatorial election by running as a Democrat but campaigned without the usual race baiting tactics and espousing populist rhetoric such as his slogan “Every Man a King”. He began a massive public works and enrichment program. His vicious attacks on corporate power and the upper-class lead his detractors to label him a socialist, which he viciously denies, calling the CSA and Socialist Party power-hungry conspirators aiming to topple the United States. Harder to deflect are the accusations of demagoguery and abuses of power which are mostly legitimate. He is courted by the ODP but Long refuses. Instead he begins to form yet another faction within the Democratic Party. One that is entirely based around the “Kingfish” and his “Share the Wealth” economic plans.
William “Alfalfa Bill” Murray returned to the United States from a colony he started in Bolivia in 1929 upon hearing of the creation of the ODP. He soon became a cornerstone of ODP politics, winning the governorship of Oklahoma with a slogan railing against business, the north, and minorities. His style of governorship took after Huey Long’s in that he consistently called out the National Guard to enforce his laws and seized money from businesses to pay for the welfare of his people. He quickly became a national leader for relief of the common man, something that would help the ODP even more in the 1930 midterms.

William \"Alfalfa Bill\" Murray Takes Oklahoma and the ODP by Storm, Quickly Becoming Governor and Party Chairman
Charles Curtis’s administration was able to pass a few of it’s relief bills, but the presence of the SPA, ODP, and Long’s faction of the Democrats made it difficult to push anything else in outside of executive order. So he decided to make a change in policy and crossed the aisle to deal with the SPA on some select recovery bills. While this outraged the Democrats it delighted the SPA and to a lesser degree the Progressive’s as well. For the first time the economy began to slowly recover and labor violence decreased as they now had the ear of the President. However with this victory the SPA gained millions of more followers in the Steel Belt and beyond. Someone who saw the problems that would cause if they began to fight with the bases of other parties was the newly appointed Chief of Staff of the Army, General Douglas MacArthur.
MacArthur comes from an old military family, one that fought for the Union in the Civil War to much acclaim. His grandfather, Arthur MacArthur, received a Medal of Honor for his actions and became the governor-general of the Philippines. Douglas loves the United States and will do anything in his power to see the triumph of the Government over radicals. He and his General Staff began to write and plan War Plan White. War Plan White is the military’s answer to open insurrection in the United States and calls for crackdowns, general mobilization, and prior infiltration in locations that need to be secured to save the Union. After presenting the Plan to President Curtis, he denies permission to begin preparations for such an event as he believes it would only infuriate the radicals. However as a way to appease him, MacArthur is elevated to a new position in the military, Chief of Staff of All Armed Forces, while his protégé/second in command Dwight Eisenhower is promoted to Chief of the Army.
General MacArthur and Lieutenant General Eisenhower Oversee Troop Deployments in Washington DC Ahead of a SPA Protest March
When the 1930 midterms come, the Republicans are shocked by how many seats they lose. Every other party, including the Democrats, are able to gain in the House and Senate. The SPA used their new found importance in passing recovery efforts to garner more support. The Progressives picked up more moderates and ostracized social democrats in the West, and the ODP used the racial anger of Curtis’s Native heritage as well as his dealing with the SPA to gain even more reactionary support. Notable winning candidates included Norman Thomas becoming the Mayor of New York City, Murray’s governorship in Oklahoma, and the victory of Progressive Farmer-Labor candidate Floyd Olson to become governor of Minnesota.
The polarizing political situation and Curtis’s unwillingness to use the military to enforce Federal authority led to the rise of paramilitary groups serving as the armed wings of the radical parties. The SPA raises it’s Redguard, the ODP militarizes the Klan and State Militias, and Huey Long even begins to raise “Minutemen” from the Share Our Wealth societies that have sprung up across the country. This inevitably leads to conflict between armed groups as they vie for power in swing states and counties. This came to a head in Detroit when members of the CSA called a general strike against the Ford Motor Company demanding higher pay and better working conditions. As the group was posing for photos, members of the Ford Service Department came out and began to beat the strikers with metal batons causing lots of injuries. The city quickly fell apart as news spread and soon ODP militias and Redguard came face to face on the streets of Detroit. The fighting was brutal, quickly devolving into a city wide brawl between the two sides. The Redguard outnumbered the ODP men and once they were routed turned to the Ford buildings themselves and set them ablaze. It was only after some trigger-happy Redguards began to proclaim the “Detroit Commune” that President Curtis was convinced by MacArthur to send in the National Guard. The “Battle of the Overpass” as it came to be known served as a catalyst for increased recruiting and training of paramilitaries across the country.
Ford Factories in Detroit were Burned Following the Battle of the Overpass
Stormclouds Descend:
The Republican Convention of 1932 saw incumbent President Curtis and Vice President Hoover renominated. However many observers noted that Charles Curtis was looking much worse for wear after four years on the job and rumors of health problems abounded at the convention. Many wondered if, in the worst case scenario, Hoover would be able to properly execute the office of President and keep the country together. At the first Progressive Farmer-Labor Party convention to pick a national ticket since 1924, Robert La Follette’s running mate Burton Wheeler was chosen to run for President. He campaigned across the Midwest and West Coast hoping to pick up moderates and liberals by not being as revolutionary as the SPA, but more progressive than the Republicans. ODP party chairman “Alfalfa Bill'' Murray refused to be nominated, instead wanting to finish his term as governor of Oklahoma. Henry Ford was nominated again with the ODP seeing his response to the Battle of the Overpass as what should be the default when responding to syndicalists. A battle for Vice President broke out between Fordist Charles Lindbergh and Georgia governor Richard Russell Jr, but Lindbergh concedes to Russell so as to have a prominent southerner on the ticket. The SPA nominated Haywood to lead their ticket to much acclaim in their Chicago convention. Haywood had led the SPA and IWW as chairman since their founding's and he finally felt that he was in a strong enough position to potentially win the election.
The Democrats went into the 1932 election almost as divided as they were in 1928. Many of the seats they had picked up in the previous elections were Longists or had bases loyal to the Share Our Wealth ideals. The establishment, led by John Nance Garner, did not want to see Long hijack their party but knew that he might bolt if not appeased. And so when Albert Ritchie was picked to be the nominee, Long demanded another ballot be taken. Garner returned by offering to make Long Ritchie’s running mate so he could get more experience in national politics. Long refused and after another ballot was decided for Ritchie, Long called the vote rigged and with his faction walked out of the convention. With him went any hope for the Democrats to reclaim the White House. Long and his faction went to Baton Rouge and announced the creation of a new political party. The America First Party (AFP). The AFP follows the Kingfish’s brand of populism that would limit personal net worth and income as well as provide old age pensions and universal education. And while most of his support comes from the south and Midwest he is still very popular for his anti-syndicalist, anti-establishment message that isn’t as harsh as the ODP.
Huey Long Received Thousands of Letters of Congratulations from People Across the Country Following his creation of the AFP
When November came the election ended with all 6 parties winning states. And while the Republicans had the most electoral votes they did not have the required 266 points to win the presidency. So the election went to the House of Representatives where Curtis’s skill as a backroom dealer came in handy. He was able to win the vote and the election went to the Republicans. General chaos ensued. While Curtis wasn’t as unpopular as Palmer or McAdoo, people still called the process fraudulent and major riots broke out across the country. MacArthur almost initiated War Plan White without the President’s authorization, but Democratic nominee Ritchie, and Progressive nominee Wheeler made a joint statement on the radio in support of Curtis and the Constitution calming tensions between the three moderate parties and leaving the radicals to fight each other. Martial law was declared in strategic places but MacArthur soon found that parts of his War Plan were outdated. National Guard units were slower in their response and less men responded to their mobilization calls. Furthermore they experienced much more pushback from the paramilitaries as well as the general populations of the places they went in to secure. So the General Staff attempted to revise the plan more to account for troop defection and better equipped, trained, and motivated insurrectionists. Chief of the Army Eisenhower also began to implement better pay and training for the smaller Federal Army to try to ensure it’s loyalty to the Government.
The 1934 midterms were more of the same. The rhetoric of the radical parties only got harsher and more anti-democracy. While that was normal for the SPA that based their ideology off of revolution, the ODP and even AFP began to call for open rebellion in order to remake the country into their respective images. President Curtis’s health continued to get worse as more and more riots broke out in major cities. The Cabinet found him unable to make major decisions and as the country fell apart more people looked to the Army to provide stability. General MacArthur was approached by Vice President Hoover and was asked to add another contingency to War Plan White. The contingency, as outlined by Hoover, would plan for a situation where the President was incapacitated and the Army would step in to replace the Executive. MacArthur eagerly accepted.
A Match Made in Heaven and Another in Hell:
On January 1st, 1936, President Charles Curtis was on his deathbed. Frankly it was a miracle that he had lasted so long with all the stresses of a failing union piled on his shoulders. He had suffered a heart attack when watching the 1934 poll numbers coming in and another major one on New Years Eve 1935. The Cabinet, General Staff, and Vice President were assembled in the White House when Curtis finally died at midnight on New Year's Day. Herbert Hoover became the fifth President to occupy the White House in twelve years. He was inaugurated in a private ceremony, solemnly taking the oath on a family bible. Hoover’s first act as President was to announce to Congress that he would sign the Garner-Wagner Relief Act that Curtis had previously vetoed. The Act would provide relief for industries that had gone under and subsidies for farmers whose crops had been destroyed in the droughts and Dust Bowl. The Act was seen by many as the last hope for stability and the three moderate parties entered negotiations to pass it. If all three of them had every party member vote for it, then the Act would pass. On the much anticipated day of the vote President Hoover met with party leaders to impress upon them the importance of the Act. The radicals rallied against it. By a razor thin margin, the Act was defeated and America would know no relief.
Proof of this came at the start of February when German overspending in its colonies, as well as the Russian economic collapse caused Black Monday. A run on the banks in Berlin causes shock waves across the world and the Great Depression spirals downwards once again. The radical parties railed hard against the corrupt banking and political sectors, which they blame for allowing yet another crash to happen. Needless to say, the radicals had yet another boost in popularity as Black Monday was the death knell to any recovery that had happened since the initial crash of 1925.
An International Red Aid Soup Kitchen in St. Louis After Black Monday. Many would become Radicalized in the Long Lines Surrounded by Other Distraught Men and Women
The moderate parties needed to get their affairs in order and the failure of Garner-Wagner proved that definitively to them. With the moderates fighting amongst themselves, more Americans were flocking to the radicals. The distinction between genuine social reform and graft became harder to distinguish. Those under the radical banner received welfare from the Share Our Wealth donations of the AFP, or International Red Aid from the SPA, or machine handouts and White League protections from the ODP. The party machines utilized mass media to a strong degree and radical victory looked more and more likely. The only thing that Hoover could do to stop the freefall of faith in his government, was to demand that the Entente repay all of their debts incurred in the Weltkrieg. Newly crowned King Edward VIII refused, stating that those debts were never meant to be repaid until their homes had been reclaimed. So Hoover is able to push through the Smoot-Hawley Tariff Act, placing protectionist tariffs to bring in revenue at the cost of souring relations with the Entente.
Hoover’s next move was to call a meeting in the White House with the party leaders in the hopes of doing something drastic. Progressive Farmer-Labor leader George Norris of Nebraska and Democrat John Nance Garner of Texas met with President Hoover and Republican Senator Charles McNary on a cold late February morning. The parties recognized that the upcoming election may very well end in a radical victory, and many within the upper circles of all the moderate parties feared that a victory by one of them would mean the end of America and the American way of life. In order to avoid this, a plan was proposed between the party heads. In order to safeguard democracy forevermore, the moderates would form a coalition ticket for the 1936 election. In the plan, they would nominate members of the progressive and conservative wings of their parties to guarantee a moderate platform across the board. As part of the agreement, Republicans and Progressives would not run candidates in the “solid south” to give the traditional Democrats the best chance to win. Likewise the Progressives would not run in Republican districts and vice versa.
To find a champion, the Coalition considered running a moderate Republican or Democrat but decided that the nation didn’t want another Palmer or Curtis or even Hoover. So they looked to the Progressives who, after careful research, decided on the popular governor of Minnesota, Floyd B. Olson. Olson was an avid supporter of labor and agriculture but had managed to beat off the SPA’s attempts to incorporate the unions into the CSA. He was also noted as an effective strikebreaker by using a combination of negotiation and crackdown to stop the strike from spreading, but also making sure the workers got some meaningful concessions. As a compromise it was decided that they would choose a Republican running mate, and Garner would assume the mantle of House Speaker. Additionally the President’s cabinet would be divided among the parties equally. And so the National Unity Party (NUP) was formed.
After a Tense Negotiations in the White House, the National Unity Party is Formed
The NUP sent a political shockwave throughout the radical parties. What had looked like a sure victory in November had been thrown away by the united front the establishment had put up. Scrambling to save whatever chances they had, the AFP and ODP met. Enemies since the founding of their respective parties, Huey Long and “Alfalfa Bill” Murray met to hash out their differences in order to have a better chance at taking Congress and the White House in November. And these differences were stark. Long was an enemy of the Klan, and Murray was furious that minorities were included in the Share Our Wealth economic plan. Long criticized the religious discrimination that Murray and the ODP wanted to implement. Murray was against how Long wanted to expand the Federal government to provide relief. However they knew that between them they could carry the south and maybe even parts of the north by putting on the populist charm. And so, reluctantly, the two parties decided they would also enter into a coalition to counter the NUP. Long had the broader appeal so it was decided that he would be their presidential nominee. The fight over running mate was brutal and almost killed the coalition in its cradle. Long wanted his ally William Lemke while Murray wanted himself as running mate which Long refused due to personal hatred. Debate ran long into the night and in the end a compromise was reached. Murray would be allowed to pick a running mate himself and so he chose John E. Rankin, Representative from Mississippi, to be his puppet. Murray would be the de facto leader of the party, alongside Long, and the liaison between the armed groups and the lawmakers. He expects to be a chief adviser and powerhouse in a Long presidency, but his dreams of the presidency are far from dead. Out of hatred and pure opportunism, the Heritage Coalition Party (HCP) was born.
The SPA knew that this might be their last chance for control. Olson’s nomination alarmed the top SPA leaders. With a Progressive as president, and one from a neighboring state of the Steel Belt no less, the NUP could turn the workers off of radical syndicalism and revolution in general. Haywood decided it was time to go all out and that the ‘36 revolution was going to happen no matter what. Unionization drives increased, the CSA’s mass media was distributed to every corner of the nation, and the ever popular journalist Jack Reed was nominated as the running mate to Haywood in a huge convention in Chicago. Agitators were placed across the country to get out the vote and riots broke out in New York City after suspected International agents were arrested by the FBI. In a second pan-union congress, the SPA solidified their alliances with moderates. Syndicalists and socialists gave fiery speeches to rile the people up and the Redguard could be seen marching in parades in every major city. Whispers of Redguard units burying weapons stashes also abounded. There was no mistaking that the SPA expected for this election to make, or break the revolution in America.
It Can Happen Here:
The stage is set. As the election approaches, violence between paramilitaries and the Army is widespread. Any election victory will be pyrrhic.
In a massive rally in Sacramento, Floyd Olson nominated Senator Quentin Roosevelt of New York to be his running mate. The Republican was famous for defeating Norman Thomas in the 1934 New York Senatorial race, spearheading the creation of the Legation Cities, and being the son of Theodore Roosevelt. In order to gain more sympathy from the North and West, the NUP proposed and passed the Curtis Indian Citizenship Act, elevating indigenous people to full citizens. All their cards are on the table except for the one ace up their sleeve. General MacArthur is loyal to the NUP and the Army is loyal to MacArthur. How long his loyalty lasts remains to be seen, but for now the NUP can back up their threats with real force. For the Union, and for liberty they must succeed.
The National Unity Party:
For President:

Governor Floyd B. Olson (NUP - MN)
For Vice President:
Senator Quentin Roosevelt (NUP - NY)
The SPA has decided that the election of 1936 will be where they will take their stand. International syndicalism looks eagerly to the home of liberty to see if the next step to liberation will be taken. Every day and night leading to November, parades of tens of thousands march through the streets singing The Internationale and other red songs. Jack Reed publishes three articles every day and Haywood personally oversees unionization drives from the East to West Coast. They have not forgotten the injustices forced upon them and won’t soon let anyone else forget too. For too long the worker has been beaten and stomped on, but not anymore. Their chains will be broken.
The Socialist Party of America:
For President:

Senator William \"Big Bill\" Haywood (SPA - IL)

For Vice President:
Jack S. Reed (SPA)
The HCP is a coalition that barely survived it’s planning phase. The party’s Longist populism is offset by Murray’s wing of the Klan and White League. They will hold the south, but it remains to be seen if they can spread outwards. Huey Long campaigns throughout the country and pulls in massive crowds as far north as New York City and Boston. His style of populism speaks to the downtrodden, every day American who feels betrayed by the suits in Washington. He delivers hope while Murray delivers cold assurance that they will accomplish what they set out to do. And anyone who gets in their way will be sorry. Their voices will be heard. No matter what.
The Heritage Coalition Party:
For President:
Governor Huey P. Long (HCP - LA)
For Vice President:

Representative John E. Rankin (HCP - MS)
As America heads to the polls in November of 1936, deadly whispers can be heard in every city and town. Whispers of troop activations and militias mobilizing. Whispers of the Klan burning crosses every night in every state and the Redguard setting mansions ablaze. But the most deadly whisper of all is also heard the loudest in the mind of every American. No more horrifying words had ever been spoken. Second American Civil War.
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2022.01.18 00:38 PerformanceLoud3229 Found this in a river AGES ago and just found it, anyone know what it is?

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2022.01.18 00:38 fuwwytermaninator Help the rat

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2022.01.18 00:38 VisualCheek8435 Is The game worth it on ps4?

Yeah I was wondering if the game is worth getting on ps4, as it's only 399 right now, but I don't know how active the player base is. I've always wanted to try it out but never had a PC to play it
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2022.01.18 00:38 Wide-Television2727 [News] Card for 1.22 show is fully set! The most notable thing is that Lady C is on it, meaning she avoided any sort of major injury

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2022.01.18 00:38 mheeden หวยซอง งวดประจำวันที่ 1 กุมภาพันธ์ 2565

หวยซอง งวดประจำวันที่ 1 กุมภาพันธ์ 2565
หวยซอง 01/02/65
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2022.01.18 00:38 ASICmachine Case for Bitcoin Bottom Near $40K Is Weak as Institutions Stay Away (x-post from /r/Bitcoin)

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2022.01.18 00:38 RainyCobra77982 Don't really know where to start with this one

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2022.01.18 00:38 svanapps r/CryptoMarkets - Tether LOSES #1 Stablecoin Ranking For The First Time EVER - As New Leader USDC Continues Massive Growth...

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2022.01.18 00:38 wuanlai65 Brand New Shiryo - Inu - DAPP based game & NFT’s in development! - Liquidity Lock - Launching Now on BSC

Welcome to Shiryo - Inu

Shiryo - Inu Shiryo - Inu Launching Now on BSC and it seems that play to earn game tokens are still one of the best niches to buy in DeFi! The roadmap details a fully functional trading card based game which will allow for the earning of the native token through different incentives including weekly competitions!
Contract Address: 0xc51519CfF4BBB619DFD22e62ea6eEcda1d274bE8
The team recently released concepts for the trading cards on their Telegram group and their design team has done an amazing job, this is a gem in the making and it is still incredibly early if you get in now. Having only been life for less than 24 hours the token is sitting at just above a $1M market cap which is incredibly low for a play to earn game, the team is really active on Telegram and the holders seem to be diamond handed after seeing the potential in this project!
Everything about this project has been super clean so far, the chart looks good and the website and concepts released so far have been on point.
The whitepaper is to be released today alongside more mockups of the concept for the game, the marketing has been on point with calls from all the biggest names on Telegram and Twitter. The developer even just hired a social media specific marketing agency to help get even more eyes on the project, Shiryo-Inu is about to become synonymous with the likes of Floki and Mononoke - Inu, don’t sleep on this one!

Link Buy
Contract Address: 0x72D89d4afC546AbDDE40220468624Fb6656Ee81F
Pancakeswap: https://pancakeswap.finance/swap?outputCurrency=0x72D89d4afC546AbDDE40220468624Fb6656Ee81F

Website: https://shiryoinu.online/
Telegram: https://t.me/ShiryoinuOnline
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ShiryoinuBSC
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2022.01.18 00:38 Temporary-Pea-9054 So majestic. Spotted Eagle-owl in Cannon Rocks, South Africa.

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2022.01.18 00:38 JDMD36 Doing a little skiing mixed in with rolling

Just vibing to music and looking to chat. Clean or dirty or whatever I’m just in a good mood! Can do on here or KIK I’m game. 35M if it matters
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2022.01.18 00:38 ThatRandomWeeb3321 Something Satisfying!! You won't regret doing this!!

This is something you will not regret for one second Play Dream Drop by Instupendo and have dullscythe directly after. One day it randomly just happened on a shuffled playlist. And it was a godsend.
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