More beautiful and relaxing slime for today

2022.01.18 02:19 satisfyingzg More beautiful and relaxing slime for today

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2022.01.18 02:19 Historical-Word8284 My kid, the time traveler?

Is my kid gonna be a time traveler? Okay so keep an open mind…. I had a paranormal matrix of time experience once. I really think time travel is gonna be in its early stages of possibility in my kid’s life time and he’s gonna hop but get sent back because he makes contact. Like, there’s gonna be rules to time travel right? I believe one of my sons time traveled and messed with me. When he was an infant before he could even talk, my kids “Son A and son B” were both sleeping. Husband was at work. I was sitting in the hallway folding laundry. I got this weird feeling like I was being watched and suddenly from the closet behind me that was open I heard a weird raspy voice clear as day say “hi mommy” everything slowed my hairs stood up and I looked in the closet so quick and there was nothing there obviously and I don’t believe in ghosts sooo I went about life and thought nothing of it. Never even told anyone about it.
Then three years later. I was in a new apartment in the building next door, which had the same exact layout as the old one. “Son B” was at school “Son A” was home napping, husband at work. I was sitting in the hallway folding laundry for about five mins and I get that sick feeling like I’m being watched and then hear this raspy voice say “hi mommy” but this time I recognized the voice immediately it was “Son A” HIDING IN THE CLOSET when he was supposed to be resting!!! He was making this spooky voice that he only makes once in a while when he’s trying to scare someone. I grabbed him outta the closet and tickled him and blah blah just tried to ignore the weirdness of it all. But for years I can’t stop thinking about the voice in the closet the time traveler in the closet theory.
Fast forward to the other day he’s 9 years old now and I often still think of the time traveler in the closet theory and for fun I asked “son A” what he would do if he became a ghost or could time travel and he dead ass looked me in my eyes and with out hesitation said
“I would go back and just watch you”
…..Then he smirked at me.
It was so unsettling. What are your thoughts?
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2022.01.18 02:19 angiosperms- Hot take: This show has not declined that much in quality

I am doing a rewatch of all seasons right now. Now season 1 had a lot of great magicians one after the other. But after that there is A LOT of boring poorly executed tricks and repetitive mentalism.
If you had asked me before I started rewatching I'd totally agree it's been getting worse. But now I realize it's just that I remembered the good magicians and forgot everyone else. There's plenty of episodes that are boring as hell even in the early seasons.
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2022.01.18 02:19 BruhM0mento69 Season 5 biggest plot hole

I loved season 5, though it had the most plot holes of any season. The biggest one being in one of the first episodes Nora told the team about how every hero went against Cicada lost, then they said even Supergirl tried, and that she lost because he dampened everyone’s powers. They then later in the season establish that his dagger can only dampen powers created from dark matter, which is why frost was able to come out. This is by far the biggest one to me, not them just not cuffing cicada 90% of the time, but this. At least make another reason for her not being able to show up.
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2022.01.18 02:19 TemperedJack PIC

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2022.01.18 02:19 Brothersfan I’m sick of posts of people complaining about people complaining about Saitama.

There I said it.
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2022.01.18 02:19 jaredwallace91 All of the live action MCU Phase 4 Connections so far

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2022.01.18 02:19 DJTS1991 Lack of (percieved) success is making me depressed

Hi guys.
I'm in my late 20s and my depression is (for me) getting in the way of my functioning in real life. I'm in a relationship with my lovely partner, but it's getting in the way of how I'm contributing to my relationship. My partner is awesome and understanding and been very supportive but doesn't really know what I'm experiencing.
I come from a background where everyone around me has stupidly high expectations of themselves and the people around them. I know that we are meant to not compare ourselves to others, but I know that in reality, it's kind of necessary to improve... provided its healthy.
We all had goals as kids to try and follow the usual narrative - go to College, get a job, get married and have kids - however, no one really met those goals. Despite that, due to being autistic, I appear to be the least successful and its bringing me down.
Everyone has children, a home and a job. But oddly, when presented with opportunities to get those things, I found myself declining them. I saved up money for a house deposit, but instead invested it into a business which crashed. While everyone works the jobs theyve had for 5+ years, I'm now unemployed. My savings are all but gone. The thought of working for another discriminatory employer greatly upsets me - I dont want to look for work. I feel like I'm regressing or going backwards by going back to College study.
I began experiencing some mental and physical burnout last year and now I'm crying for no reason at least once a day. I feel useless. I've got nothing to show for myself as an adult. The idea of doing the same job for the rest of my life with an unsustaining income kills me emotionally.
What do I do? How do I move forward?
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2022.01.18 02:19 bigsp0nge Someone please tell me this is BS.

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2022.01.18 02:19 Wrong_Ad_37 🇫 🇮 🇳 🇦 🇱 🇾 🇬 🇴 🇹 🇦 🇷 🇦 🇷 🇪

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2022.01.18 02:19 DBECKK A UFO must have filled up at the local Chevron.. There was a ~5ft pile on the ground beneath and it was still printing!

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2022.01.18 02:19 jeffreygorne2 I found a regional dump with a gun locker near the evac shelter I started. Should I make my base here because it seems promising?

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2022.01.18 02:19 Chemical-Ad-6417 I despise Scorpios

Okay so I am an Aquarius ☀️, Leo rising& moon 🌝 and I cannot for the life of me get along with Scorpios… but they always find their way into my life, as they are the most common sign. I have actually made close Scorpio friends, but it never works out between us. Right now I am texting this Scorpio guy but I can’t seem to trust him because he is so secretive. He will literally respond saying ‘that’s a secret’ to the most SIMPLE questions.
Anyways, I think Scorpios overall are a pretty dark sign. They can be mean, controlling, possessive, suspicious, manipulating, and expect you to open up while they remain hidden. Can someone please reason with me about my dislike towards Scorpios because I know it’s not right to think this way. Especially because most people I bump into are one.
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2022.01.18 02:19 Rosalinette Why do you feel so guilty it hurts?

Mum passed away a couple of says ago.
Diagnosed with stage 4 breast cancer 2 years ago.
We spent 2 happy years. She didn't feel like an ill disabled person.
WE spent time together, went shopping, walking, traveling, trying out all kinds of new food.
I was always with her at all hospital visits.
I was with her when she passed away in her sleep with no pain at all.
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2022.01.18 02:19 evan1008 baby watch 👀

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2022.01.18 02:19 chickenlegs_on_crack ich_iel

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2022.01.18 02:19 Yayeet_4 it's 4 am and you look under the bed and see this what are you doing?

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2022.01.18 02:19 The-Worm- plot twist, it has nothing to do with Apex!

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2022.01.18 02:19 Plastic_Seat_4898 Nuevas de Valerie, recién subidas

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2022.01.18 02:19 Drakeskulled_Reaper There are three Hallows analogues introduced in the first three books, and Harry has wielded them all.

This theory is a bit reaching, but I figure several people over time have tried to recreate or at least make Hallows equivalents over the years, with varying levels of success, but only three have really came close.
1st book: The Philosophers Stone itself - Resurrection Stone, it can apparently embody a person reduced to a spirit. Flamell is an alchemist, the goal of all alchemists is to make a substance that can "defeat" Death by making them immortal.
2nd book: Godric Gryffindor's Sword - Elder Wand, an indestructible sword that if faced with an opponent will take in what will make it stronger, Basilisk venom is incurable bar phoenix tears, making it the deadliest sword in the world, anyone who has held the sword always wins against what they are fighting.
3rd book: The Marauders Map - the Invisibility Cloak, made specifically to be able to hide from those who you rather avoid, not only that but it is resistant to spells that would otherwise reveal the map to others. They might have read the Hallows Tale themselves and, figuring they already had an invisibility cloak (debatable if James knew it was THE cloak.) they figured the next best thing would be to create an object that would work in conjunction with the cloak (being that the cloak hides you from sight but not touch) after all, what's better than being invisible to enemies? Not being there at all.
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2022.01.18 02:19 bonkerdingy YOU WILL DREAM OF TEETH AND NOTHING ELSE

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2022.01.18 02:19 shadexs55 Installing home RO system, do I need to drill new holes for the sink part?

Hi guys! I bought an RO system off Amazon [APEC Water Systems ROES-50 Essence Series Top Tier 5-Stage Certified Ultra Safe Reverse Osmosis Drinking Water Filter System]. It ran me 200 plus taxes, and hopefully that fulfills the posting requirements.
Originally, my thought process was that I would put the new faucet on the right side of the sink, where there seems to be a useless hole already. [I circled this in red in the first photo]. Upon further examination, I noticed that there are a couple of lines attached to it [I'm not sure for what]. These can be seen circled in red in my other two photos.
Can someone explain what these lines are, what their purpose is, and maybe an explanation on how to use the hole they're currently plugging for the RO faucet?
If it's not possible to use this hole and just wire my RO through, I'll be going to Lowes/HD/etc to get a new drill bit.
I appreciate the time taken to read this/assist me. If there's a better place for me to get assistance with this, I'd appreciate any direction!
Photos are here:
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2022.01.18 02:19 MiaMio2005 AMITA For dating my Best Friends ex

I know this sounds really bad but hear me out. It started Over a year ago. I was at my Cousin's birthday party in October of 2020. We were at a skate park where I met this Boy. We'll call him KB. I instantly fell for this Boy and started to become friends with him. I was able to keep in contact with him after that day after finding out he was related to a good friend of mine. After a few months of me and KB just being friends I got brave and told him I liked him. It just so happened that he was already in a relationship. We'll call them A. A had reached out to me after seeing some drama that I was in on tik tok. Me and A had hit it off pretty quickly and became good friends. A went on to be by my side through a lot of my dark moments. I considered A my best friend. I had moved on from KB and got with someone else who we'll call J. J and I dated for three Months before breaking up in September 2021. Back in August 2021 KB and A broke up. A later moved on to someone we'll call D. As I was going through my break up with J both A and KB were by my side. In October 2021 A started to randomly turn on me and started asking to cut KB off. I refused to cut KB off which angered A to the point where they blocked me. After finally getting over my breakup with J I began developing feelings for KB again or should I say resurfaced old feelings. Me and KB began dating in November 2021. As soon as D and A had found out about me and KB they began telling me how fucked up it was that I was with my best friends Ex. I have been told by many people that I am the Asshole in the situation. But I am happy with KB he treats me right and I feel loved. So AITA?
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2022.01.18 02:19 SlimDarkie I’ve never a pedo as followed as EDP

Chris Chan & Lorne Armstrong of To Catch A Predator fame is followed more than EDP lmao.
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