ISO BBC4 Documentary on Alan Hull of Lindisfarne

2021.11.28 20:09 EmergencyGlass4527 ISO BBC4 Documentary on Alan Hull of Lindisfarne

Broadcast this weekend. Presented by Sam Fender. Can anybody help?
Thanks in advance
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2021.11.28 20:09 Grizz42O Best therapy there is

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2021.11.28 20:09 blackscr33n thats why u should open chests at chaos sanct (it is like a HR for me)

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2021.11.28 20:09 Winterpup16 Oh cool, this exists.

I was looking to see if this was a thing was I was pleasantly surprised. Can't wait to see the subreddit grow.
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2021.11.28 20:09 Masabera My opinion after playing Star Citizen for one week

My opinion after playing Star Citizen for one week Dear fellow pilots,
I created my very own sci-fi video game for Steam back in 2017. I was so afraid that is could be released at a similar point in time as Star Citizen, that I barely slept for a long time to release it as soon as possible. Now, a couple of years later, I see that I did not need to hurry.
All I knew of Star Citizen was that there is this game from a popular game designer that was backed by a lot of people and many people scream scam. I did not bother much and I did not inform myself, because I never in my 36 years bought anything that was not yet released (with one single exception: Monster Hunter World's expansion Iceborne).
This week and next week, I am self-quarantining and I have some time to waste since I can't physically meet anyone. So, out of an impulse, I bought the Avenger Titan pledge and jumped into the game without having ANY clue what to expect. All I have seen so far are demonstrations from the past two expos from a Twitch streamer.
How awesome!
Again, I had absolutely no knowledge of what is in-game available and when I played for the first time (which I actually streamed on Twitch myself), I was excited. I knew that the game looked great, but I was surprised that you can actually do a lot of stuff! It was fun finding out how to navigate through the city, how to spawn my spacecraft and I did some flying and landing and had fun.
I am not much of a singleplayer space fighter guy. I played Elite back on the Atari ST 1024, but in sci-fi sandbox games, I love industry, ground combat and multiplayer space action. If you need a gunner, a technician, a navigator or something like that, I will be the first one in line. But I don't enjoy flying around in a singleplayer fighter.
I did some simple delivery missions, which are great to get familiar with the core game loops and to make your first aUEC. My plan was to go forward from there doing FPS mining and then slowly upgrading towards ROC and ships. This was based on a quick Google search on what there is regarding mining.
How horrible!
My goal was simple: do deliveries, get some very basic combat gear, mining tool and then do investigations to get some cash. I did this loop five times and all of them failed. I died two times while landing with my spaceship to do the delivery due to bugs. Once I touched water in a cave. Once I tripped and fell to death and once I glitched through the cave floor. These are a lot of hours wasted and in the end I had less than 2k aUEC left.
These bugs were horrible, because they destroyed everything I had achieved so far: my character's inventory. I also had many more bugs that were more than just glitches like missions without enemy spawns, enemies that could attack me, but I could not harm them, etc.
I want more!
After playing this game excessively this week, I still want more. I had a look at the roadmap for the next months and I am very optimistic. We won't get a full game in the foreseeable future but that is okay for me right now. I always calculate around 1$ for each hour that I am going to spend in a game. I made this rule in my university years when I had little money and I still hold on to it. I will play more than 70 hours in total, so my pledge was worth it. If they bring the Ursa Rover with included Squadron 42 pledge, I would buy it for a good price. As a collector and space enthusiast I see myself investing more money and time in the future.
What I want
The only reason I will not waste this entire winter on this game are the bugs. I am actually okay with the content that is available right now. Doing mining with a Prospector (which I rented today for the first time) is enough entertainment for me after a hard day at work. Especially when paired with nice music or a podcast. I would love to do ground missions, but due to bugs I never could do any.
So basically, if they fix the game breaking bugs where you can die randomly and if missions would work properly, I see myself having a lot of fun. I would most likely return every couple of months to enjoy new content or to support friends who play this game in the meantime (first I need to make friends in this game..).
As I wrote earlier I would totally pledge for a Ursa Rover in combination with Squadron 42 and I would also buy smaller vehicles like speeder bikes, but only if they are less than 20 US $. I don't mind buying ships or vehicles, if I will get them in the released game, too, but most of them are not worth the real money in my personal opinion.
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2021.11.28 20:09 Platypus17577 Registeel adding first 5: 1205 4665 0068

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2021.11.28 20:09 MeSuckPP 5047 8246 2401 Regice inviting 10

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2021.11.28 20:09 herbert-camacho Med school, or something completely different?

I'm at a big fork in the road in my life right now, and I need some advice. I am trying to decide between going to medical school, or going a completely different direction. I graduated college in 2015 with a B.S. biology degree and a poor GPA (2.7). I spent a year retaking organic chemistry and physics sequences (4.0), and have determined the only way I'll be able to gain admission to medical school is to enroll and do very well in a SMP (special masters program). I have shadowed plenty of doctors, and have worked as a medical scribe for over a year. From that I have gathered that at the end of the day being a physician is a job (like any other) with ups and downs, but it is really rewarding to be able to have a positive meaningful impact on someone who is coming to you for help; from a teenager struggling with self confidence due to terrible acne, to someone who didn't know they had an early stage melanoma, etc. I'm currently scheduled to take the MCAT on 01/20/22, so my timeline would be starting a SMP in 2022, completing that in 2023-2024, and then applying for medical school.
I'm so conflicted right now because I don't know if I want to spend the rest of my 30s and 40s in school/residency. A very big part of me wants to invest in a shorter career path that will also be satisfying. What draws me to medicine is being able to help people in a very meaningful way; helping them have a better quality of life via proper procedures, medications, and lifestyle adjustments. I also really like the investigative and problem solving aspect of it. Additionally, at the end of it all you have pretty good job security and a decent salary to pay back all those med school loans.
I big part of me wants to learn coding/software engineering and pursue that instead, though I have no experience in doing this. I recognize that so much of what we do and will be doing from now on is directly tied to this, and so being able to code is a valuable tool that can be applied pretty much anywhere. Bioinformatics is a field that interests me, being able to be a part of the research/applications that can have a big impact on many. I'm a little worried though because of what I've read about ageism in the tech industry. I understand that to stay viable one needs to keep up with the times and practices, but I'd hate to get myself into something with diminishing job security as I get older.
Any advice is much appreciated, thanks.
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2021.11.28 20:09 bravenewclout Streak 5: El Almuerzo

Hoy mi esposa y yo fuimos an un almuerzo con una de sus mejores amigos. Esta chica va a mudarse a España para vivir con un hombre que conoció hace un año. No sé la historia, pero todos no hemos conocido cuando él la estaba visitando aquí en Guate.
No tengo mucho para hacer acerca del almuerzo, pero entiendo que mi esposa es un poco triste que su amiga va a salir pronto. No obstante, nos vayamos a mudarnos a los EE. UU. en unos meses también. Pero en realidad nada romperá su relación, la distancia no tiene importancia en las relaciones duras y reales. Solo espero que ella tenga una vida maravillosa con su hombre nuevo.
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2021.11.28 20:09 RIP_StefanKarl Theory crafting Tank Ekko in pre-season 12

I’m going to start this out by saying, this will be a very long in depth post.
TLDR: I think Ekko’s best build for top is as follows:
Runes: first strike, free boots, biscuits, cosmic.
Secondary: Second wind/bone plating, overgrowth
Triumph, Legend Tenacity
Items: Crown -> Nashors/Fimbulwinter -> FimbulwinteNahors -> Demonic/Zhonya’s (if ar is needed)/Abyssal Mask (if mr is needed)
The long post:
We will go over a brief history of tank Ekko to understand why it was powerful back in s6. We will apply this info to current season to try and replicate his power to the best of our ability.
History of Beefy Time Boy:
S6 pro play tank Ekko was first seen in jg with cinder hulk (a tank jg item, when full items existed for jg, this was removed in s11). The reason for this was Ekko would easily get cc’d and die in coordinated team fights before he could burst his enemy. His clear was slow, but he provided 3 slows (his passive used to slow on 3rd proc) and a stun for early ganks. Eventually this moved to top pane where he would go Grasp with Frostfire. Ekko top was a strong counter to poppy and maokai, both meta top laners at the time. Grasp and Ekko both got nerfed. A new bruiser Ekko came out with Trinity, I know right?, and Fervor of Battle (an old version of Conqueror, it was a ramping on hit rune). Trinity did 3 things for Ekko: 1. CDR or now Ability Haste 2. Spell blade passive 3. Attack speed for Fervor procs. This new trinity force Ekko was slightly less tanky, but provided much more dps than Frostfire. Ekko was able to play like a Camille hard diving back line while being extremely hard to kill. Eventually Ekko was nerfed again. His passive slow was removed and R healing ratio was increased while base was lowered requiring him to get more Ap.
The Takeaway:
Tank Ekko had better ratios on his ability’s making him less reliant on Ap. The passive slow gave him much more utility meaning he could do more than be an assassin. Tank Ekko allowed him to dive backline and not get blown up, much like the Goredrinker assassin meta not to long ago. All of this means if we can replicate tank Ekko again he will be much worse than s6. That doesn’t mean we won’t try though!
Frostfire has recently been buffed to provide on hit magic dmg. I’ve seen a lot of people pointing to this as his mythic.
Pros: - Tanky. Gives high health as well as resistances. - On hit slow, with magic dmg (scales off own hp)
Cons: - no Ap - No mana to convert to hp with fimblewinter
Crown of Shattered Queen I haven’t seen much attention on this item for tank Ekko, but I think it is very Strong. Kassadin builds this very well as well as another item we will look at.
Pros: - Ap - 75% dmg reduction - 250 hp - +48 hp on fimbulwinter - +30/+54 shield on fimbulwinter
Cons: - no resistances - dmg reduction lasts for short time and is poked away - hp is a relatively small amount
Divine Sunderer This is probably troll compared to the other two, however the trinity Ekko build made me think of it.
Pros: - Spellblade (scales on enemy hp) - 400 hp - Healing - Ad better for auto’s
Cons: - no Ap - No resistances - Less ho than Frostfire - Grievous wounds
Those are the 3 mythics atm that I think could be the best for Tank Ekko. Now let’s take a quick look at legendaries.
Fimbulwinter This tear item looks very appealing for tank Ekko as it gives plenty of hp (about 600) as well as a very strong shield that procs off of any slow for us (Q, W, Frostfire), it does have a 8 sec cd
Pros: - very high hp - Extra mana for trading in top - Large shield on a semi short cd
Cons: - no ap - Have to buy tear early
Demonic: This item seems very strong for tank Ekko and pairs very nicely with fimbulwinter.
Pros: - good Ap boost with high bonus heath - 450hp Cons: - not much dmg against squishies
Nashors I think in the tank build nashors beats Lich Bane just because of the extra ap that Ekko needs. Especially if you want to go divine, lich won’t stack with it.
Pros: - much ap - Attack speed - On hit dmg Cons: - no hp
Cosmic (bait) This item is op for champs that can build it. Ekko, however, is not one of those champs. He only get’s the extra ap after his combo.
This is were it gets tricky. Grasp or conq seems like a good idea at first. After testing however, Ekko can’t get much value from it because he can’t win short trades with most tops at the moment. There is one rune that plenty of people have been trying on Ekko: First Strike. I think this rune has potential on Ekko, but in mid lane it get’s poked away due to him not being able to proc it quick enough. In jungle he can’t make use of it every time it is up. In top lane though, it allows him to quick trade any time it is up and allow him to win just because of the gold he generates from it. He can’t take it into ranged tops, but should be able to take it against almost any other top laner and have success.
The Final Verdict: Tank Ekko is by no means his best build. It is mostly for fun, but is more usable than before. You want to do attack speed Tri Force Nashors Ekko? Go wild this a game, just have fun.
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2021.11.28 20:09 rinneisgonne [HIRING] Looking for artist to continue developing our set of original characters. MUST be able to continue/replicate style. $100 budget p/ character. Please leave portfolio and relevant works IN COMMENTS (do not DM). Will check all! Thank you! :)

[HIRING] Looking for artist to continue developing our set of original characters. MUST be able to continue/replicate style. $100 budget p/ character. Please leave portfolio and relevant works IN COMMENTS (do not DM). Will check all! Thank you! :) submitted by rinneisgonne to Artistsforhire [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 20:09 naoseioqfazerdavida Minha mente tá uma bagunça

Eu tenho 20 quase 21 anos, sou mulher, estou no meu primeiro namoro sério. Em janeiro agr vamos fazer 1 ano de namoro... Ele é um bom namorado, tem 27 anos. Só que nesses últimos 2/3 meses meio q acabou meu "encanto" por ele, tivemos umas brigas (mais inseguranças minhas pelo passado dele e dúvidas sobre que ele omite ou conta pela metade) e pra mim o relacionamento não é a mesma coisa, já tentei terminar com ele algumas vezes, mas acabo voltando atrás pq eu sei q tenho dependência emocional nele e diz q só volto a ter "vida" dps q me conheceu e todos os planos dele eu já tô inclusa e sou parte da família dele (insistir pra ele voltar a estudar, querer trabalhar e conquistar suas coisas por suas conta própria sem depender do pais) e de fato ele mudou muito nesses meses, voltou estudar, mandou currículos, fez e tá fazendo uns concursos públicos, amadureceu mais sua mente... Só q tipo... Eu sinto q seria melhor pra mim sem ele e ou mesmo tempo não...
Minha família tbm não é das melhores meus pais são controladores e não se deram com ele no início, mas até q agr as coisas estão "mais calmas"... Eu não aguento ficar dentro da minha própria casa e odeio morar aqui, não consigo nem ter amigos por conta deles... E literalmente meu único amigo é meu namorado.
E a última coisa é que minha menstruação está atrasada há mais de 20 dias e já fiz três testes de gravidez e deu negativo, mas ainda acho que estou grávida.
Eu não me entendo às vezes... Estou confusa... Penso em me matar algumas vezes... Tenho muitas crises de ansiedade... Não sei o que fazer.
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2021.11.28 20:09 Letroszera Visions of War

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2021.11.28 20:09 DrinkingCement How does viewing other redditors custom feeds work?

Do you need a link to view others or is there a place to view the entirety of them. I'm on android btw.
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2021.11.28 20:09 Immortal_Tv Had another blessed stream!

Getting better and better every single time I go live! I appreciate everyone that stops by!
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2021.11.28 20:09 ItsScarzzz Is Lola actually as OP as many people think?

I face Lola off quite a few times in competitive matches, but she doesn't really seem OP or toxic in any way. She was banned a dozen times to something in the world finals which confuses me quite a bit.
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2021.11.28 20:09 Nerdy_Xbox_Gamer JustJack - Small Rainbow Six Siege YouTuber.

Has anyone else heard of this guy? He posts montages, showing off his best and nicest kills.
A video of his came up in my recommended the other day. It was around 4 minutes long and didn’t have many fews. Decided to give it a watch and was blown away. His editing was quite good, especially in his latest videos. He seems to be underrated and deserves more views. 68 subscribers, but he deserves more.
Check his channel out!
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2021.11.28 20:09 white_heels Venus Square Mars

Hello, I don't know much about astrology but my friend somewhat knows, she told me something that caught my attention very much, which is that I have venus square mars, she also mentioned it was a cosmic karma from my past lives, Which makes total sense because I have never been good at keeping any sort of relationship from friendship to a partner, people always leave my life in unexpected ways most times and pretty quick, which leads me to chronic deep depression. Can anyone please help me understand this or figure out if I can change it or do something about it?
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2021.11.28 20:09 ecliptic369 [US,US] [H] Premium Gold Infinite Gold Boxes [W] Paypal

Hey looking to sell all three of these at once for 120$ Since shipping will be around 20$ tracked Other cards will be 15% off tcgplayer
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2021.11.28 20:09 HealthyWaterBottles never thrived well in the academic world.

college sophomore here. current situation
barely passing classes. behind in math. test tomorrow i’m not prepared for. has difficult time grasping concepts. may or may not pass class. have trouble focusing. impulsive. never had grade above “B”.
past life
grade school was rough as well. i don’t follow the “smart kid that crashed” stereotype.
off my chest
i have a hard time imagining myself succeeding. also socially awkward. feel like world is not designed for us.
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2021.11.28 20:09 lilsaddk I’m stressing rn

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2021.11.28 20:09 Deep-Key7765 Message to Scopely customer support

Scopely needs direct feedback. We need to make sure customer service hears what the community feels. Here is my message to customer service
“Just wanted to provide you with feedback. The game feels bad. We are loosing top players in top alliances. You need to introduce new content and be less greedy. Reconsider the paywall events I think they upset a lot of people. Good luck Scopely.”
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2021.11.28 20:09 Financial_Ad_5599 Come see where all the Scammers get their methods. SwipeClub (Groupchat + Vendor)
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2021.11.28 20:09 joeyyyiv I bet she still gets swipe rights... But if me, as a guy, would put something like "Let's talk about how attractive you are telling me your toxic traits on social media" I get a bunch of backlash 😒

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2021.11.28 20:09 Crazy_Distribution_5 Has anyone gotten any grades lowered in an offer?

For example, did you apply to an A*AA course and get an offer of AAA or AAB, etc. And if so, why? Was it your personal statement, contextual offer, or something else?
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