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Should i keep it simple or with style? I'm pretty new with tags.

2021.11.28 21:50 h20sk8 Should i keep it simple or with style? I'm pretty new with tags.

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2021.11.28 21:50 biorogue Byvsen https://twitter.com/Byvsen/status/1465115656047706113 Byvsen

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2021.11.28 21:50 comores3 [College intro physics: gauge pressure] I need help with this question:

According to Oxford Dictionaries, a spit take is an act of suddenly spitting out liquid one is drinking in response to something funny or surprising. In spit takes, a gauge pressure is applied in the mouth, p1, so that liquid flows through pursed lips forming a column of liquid with radius r2 = 4 mm. If the liquid travels at v2 = 3.1 m/s outside the body, and if the column's area is 10x larger inside the mouth, what is p1 in Pa?
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2021.11.28 21:50 Ok_Bicycle_5181 We’ll this detail would have made the plot more interesting-Not sure if it’s true and if they’re just friends ,Christine did mention seeing her car at his house

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2021.11.28 21:50 heinaga1989 OPCT Opacity - Highly Undervalued Private Storage - HUGE December Releases

Opacity (OPCT) - Highly undervalued smallcap with huge upcoming releases.
I'll start off with the disclaimer that I've been invested in Opacity for a couple of years now and I wanted to share why I'm still in it and why I believe in it. It recently reached a new ATH, but I believe that it can still grow much more, especially as I'm in it for the fundamentals. I believe that online privacy is more important than ever right now with tech giants like Facebook and Google having no respect for people's privacy.
Opacity is a private and anonymous storage provider, where you don't even need an email address to set up an account and your uploaded files are encryped client-side and chunked, so that not even the Opacity team knows which files are yours or what they are. Ease of use is the other main selling point of Opacity.
Current state:
The most up to date and easiest way of using Opacity is by using the webapp that reached version 2.0 earlier this year and it's very user friendly.
The current downside is that Opacity is not decentralised, but Sia will be added very soon as a storage provider and as a stepping stone to full decentralisation. As a long term goal, Opacity aims to become a gateway for storage providers, including both large enterprises like Amazon's AWS to Sia's or Storj's network, with the main added benefit being the privacy and anonymity layer.
Each OPCT is currently worth 64GB, but that will change as soon as full decentralisation kicks in, since anyone running a node will be able to charge what they want for their provided storage. With decentralisation it will also be possible to stake your coins.
Due to current issues with Ethereum fees, OPCT is also available as a wrapped version on the Polygon network. Another small, but important point is that Opacity has a hardcap of 130 million tokens with all tokens having already been distributed.
Coming very soon:
There is an upcoming mobile app which will be released very soon (currently in the last stages of beta testing), which is huge because it targets a much larger group. The Sia node development is currently being worked on and should also be released soon, which means that Opacity will very soon be decentralised.
An AMA with CEO Jason Coppola that will be hosted by Polygon is scheduled for December 9th.
Opacity currently has a market cap of 60 million, which compared to FIL's 6 billion, leaves it with a huge amount of room for growth. How many other smallcaps with a working product are there even out there? That's one of the many reasons I believe that it's still hugely undervalued.
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2021.11.28 21:50 Shotayaoilover3960 Ggg

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2021.11.28 21:50 SouthPhilly_215 Has Jared Diamond ever responded to the backlash to Guns, Germs, and Steel?

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2021.11.28 21:50 downbelovv Trippie should check if he has some beats that were sent to him in allty3 era and he should use them on allty5. ALLTY3 production just was so unique.

I like the recent snippets, but the beats are kinda...Generic/Boring/Not Special.
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2021.11.28 21:50 dalyllama35 An Interview with Ilan Rubin of NIN & Angels & Airwaves

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2021.11.28 21:50 DataX Dell FX2 Noise Level

I recently came into possession of a very nicely spec'd FX2 chassis with 3x FC630 blades that I was hoping to use for my lab compute, however I've had a really hard time keeping the noise level under control and just about to give up on this thing.
I've tried nearly everything I can think of, however despite being in a sound dampened rack enclosure, as soon as there's even a slight amount of load (130-140W for any given blade) the fans will aggressively ramp up and once above 40-50% the noise becomes completely unbearable. While idling the fans sit at around 30-35% and it's nearly inaudible over the rest of the rack or my main desktop tower.
So far I have:

  1. Removed all expansion cards
  2. Removed all but one DIMM per channel
  3. Set iDRAC Thermal Profile to "Minimum Power"
  4. Set CPU configurable TDP to "Level 1"
  5. Set System Profile to "Power Per Watt (OS)"
  6. Set ESXi Power Management policy to "Low Power"
  7. Set CMC fan offset to "Off"
  8. Updated CMC/iDRAC/BIOS to latest FW
With all of this each blade will idle at around 89W of power draw. I believe the fan curve is based on power draw of individual blades, rather than CPU load or temperatures, as fans will ramp up higher when a single blade drawing more power than multiple blades drawing less power (even if total chassis power is higher). E.g. a single blade drawing 160-180W with total chassis draw of 400W is significantly louder than two blades drawing 140W each with total chassis draw of 450W.
Is there anything else I could do to further reduce load power draw? As a last resort I was considering replacing the CPU's with E5-2630L v4's which have the lowest rated TDP for this platform at 55W (currently spec'd with E5-2640 v3's). Otherwise I think I might just have to sell the chassis and blades to invest in a few R730's or similar.
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2021.11.28 21:50 DifferentEntrance681 Could somone help me with this code I want to make it smaller and add a feture where you can continue playing if you won the game

link to repl.it with the code : https://replit.com/join/wyyezdgxgk-cdbt37
#Here we are getting two libaryes random which will have uses such as getting a random word in the list and more and colorama which is used to give a better user ui and colours to the letters
import random
import colorama
from colorama import Fore
#here we have our list of from where we are going to be getting all the words that we are going to be using in our pyton code
dessin = ['cats', 'line', 'yellow', 'puzzling', 'hollow', 'years', 'piky', 'ground', 'giraffe', 'wander', 'scenes', 'mash', 'level', 'organize', 'horse', 'needy', 'loose', 'faded', 'believe', 'many', 'pink', 'queen', 'need', 'lamentable', 'bitter', 'jail', 'milk', 'control', 'sheet', 'property', 'pair', 'angry', 'make', 'optimize', 'escape', 'skin', 'ear', 'splitting', 'uptight', 'carry', 'draconian', 'type', 'set', 'berry', 'bent', 'direction', 'reason', 'pull', 'wretched', 'handknot', 'abate', 'husky', 'previous', 'fear', 'exchange', 'hissing', 'yard', 'contract', 'tendency', 'maid', 'writer', 'public', 'kindly', 'sort', 'breezy', 'show', 'rain', 'godly', 'tranquil', 'example', 'cat', 'frighten', 'blushing', 'attention', 'tend', 'brave', 'leap', 'jump', 'wet', 'common', 'relate', 'meeting', 'tray', 'development', 'preach', 'phone', 'pathetic', 'gorgeous', 'exuberant', 'dizzy', 'ball', 'brother', 'hall' 'tendency', 'punishment', 'leap', 'voice', 'harmonious', 'rhythm', 'hurried', 'swear', 'neck', 'vigorous', 'female', 'passenger', 'dazzle', 'longing', 'auspicious', 'dig', 'disgusting', 'black' , 'circle']
#here we are getting a random word from the list that we created above and we are and then we are giving out the letter in all caplocks
def gtword(dessin):
word = random.choice(dessin)
return word.upper()
#here we have the main code I will say what each thing does:
#here we are creating a function and we are getting out word and replacing the letters in it by _ and we are also defining the starting values of the code
def play(word):
wrdc = "_" * len(word)
attempted = False
attempted_letters = []
attempted_words = []
tries = 0
#start of the code
print(Fore.BLUE + "Pret a jouer a hangman?")
#main body of our code here we have the maximum amount of tries and how we are going to be replacing it by a stickman drawing
while not attempted and tries < 6:
attempt = input(Fore.WHITE + "Choissis une lettre ou un mot: ").upper()
#here we are telling the user he alredy used the value and we are cheking the alphabeticaql order and value with itsalpha
if len(attempt) == 1 and attempt.isalpha():
if attempt in attempted_letters:
print(Fore.RED + f"Tu as deja essaye {attempt}!")
#here is where we are adding one try every time the user atemps to attempt and fails we are also ussing apend to add to the list
elif attempt not in word:
print(Fore.LIGHTYELLOW_EX + f"{attempt} n'est pas la letre qu'on cherche")
tries += 1
#here we are saying if the user attempted correctly er are uncovering and replacing _ by a letter, we are also transfornming the word as a list
print(Fore.LIGHTCYAN_EX + f"Bien fait {attempt} est une lettre dans le mot")
word_as_list = list(wrdc)
indices = [i for i, letter in enumerate(word) if letter == attempt]
for index in indices:
word_as_list[index] = attempt
#we are using join to stick the word back together
wrdc = "".join(word_as_list)
if "_" not in wrdc:
attempted = True
#here we are making basically the same thing but we are making it so the user can also use words instead of individual letters
elif len(attempt) == len(word) and attempt.isalpha():
if attempt in attempted_words:
print(Fore.RED + f"Tu as deja essaye {attempt}!")
elif attempt != word:
print(Fore.LIGHTYELLOW_EX + attempt, " N'est pas le mot")
tries += 1
attempted = True
wrdc = word
#here we are declaring what happens if the user where to put something that was an invalid charachter and pusing.
print(Fore.RED +"Error, ton input est invalid")
#here we are at the ned where we can see what happens when we win
if attempted:
print(Fore.LIGHTMAGENTA_EX +"Bien fait tu as trouve le mot")
print(Fore.LIGHTMAGENTA_EX + f"Tu as gane dans {attempt}!")
#Here we are saying what happens when you loose and we are priting out the loss.
print(Fore.LIGHTGREEN_EX + f"Je suis desole tu as perdu le mot etait {word} !")
#here we are making all the desing for te hangmans
def hangman(tries):
stages = [
| |
| |
| o
| |
| o
| |
| |
| o
| -|
| |
| o
| -|-
| |
| o
| -|-
| /
| |
| o
| -|-
| / \\
return stages[tries]
#Here we are saying what happens at the end, we are creating a function and we are creating an input where we are going to ask the user to put y that would make the code restart and no that would make the code quit
def main():
word = gtword(dessin)
while input(Fore.RED + "Again? (Y/N) ").upper() == "Y":
word = gtword(dessin)
if __name__ == "__main__":
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2021.11.28 21:50 JoeBurrowIsMyFather It was a beautiful dey to be a Bengal !

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2021.11.28 21:50 hanillie GIS Course Laptop Requirement

I currently have a macbook air and I was wondering if GIS programs (ex; ArcGIS) can run on macbooks? Or would buying a cheap windows laptop be better?
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2021.11.28 21:50 V2blazer Minimizing impermanent loss

Hi all, I was wondering when is the best time to add more liquidity to the farms/ take it out of the farms
If impermanent loss stems from the correlation between the 2 assets in a pairing, would it be right to conclude that the prices at which you enteexit the pool should not matter?
Appreciate any insights on this
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2021.11.28 21:50 Hefty-Nothing-6322 Books that keeps you on the hook?

I get fed up very quickly with books that don’t have much happening in them, or that have a really slow plot. Can you recommend any books which have such an intriguing plot that it’s impossible to put it down?
Some time ago I read this book by Lisa Jewel: The family upstairs. And I thought I was amazing how the ever growing suspense and mystery never let the book feel dragged or boring.
Same with “behind closed doors” by B.A Paris.
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2021.11.28 21:50 TheJooomes Is tax collected when buying Nintendo content/services with an eShop card?

I want to get a year of Nintendo online for myself which costs $19.99, and I figured the easiest way to do that would be to buy a Nintendo prepaid card at my local Holiday. If there's no tax collected between the card and Nintendo, then a $20 card should be sufficient. But if there is tax collected between the card and Nintendo, a $20 card would be just not enough for a $19.99 online membership.
Should I get the $20 eShop card? Or should I instead get a $25 prepaid VISA card?
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2021.11.28 21:50 UnrealJapan Road to Shiny Dex 93

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2021.11.28 21:50 CrimsonCub2013 What is the story of how the Packers started in Green Bay, instead of a city like Milwaukee or Madison?

When the Packers first started playing football back in the 1920s, Green Bay definitely was not the giant population center it is today, so what is the story behind how the city of Green Bay was chosen over other cities in Wisconsin?
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2021.11.28 21:50 Skellisquid Tha Big Doof

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2021.11.28 21:50 THOBRO2000 PRACHTIG eerbeton aan onze oud trainer en LEGENDE Simon '𝘋𝘦 𝘒𝘪𝘴𝘵' KISTEMAKER

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2021.11.28 21:50 tdjacks23 Is Sandai a Skillful grade sword (Ryō Wazamono) or a grade sword (Wazamono)? I was reading chapter 97 and Tashigi stated it was a fine grade sword. Did this get changed later?

Is Sandai a Skillful grade sword (Ryō Wazamono) or a grade sword (Wazamono)? I was reading chapter 97 and Tashigi stated it was a fine grade sword. Did this get changed later? submitted by tdjacks23 to OnePiece [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 21:50 yayitsducky Deciding where to go?

I decided that 2022 is gonna be my "save up money/get my passport" phase, while 2023-24 will be my "get the heck out of the US" phase. My friend's mom went backpacking around Europe when she was my age, my older sister is going to Malaysia & Australia next year, and I've been eyeing maybe Germany or France or somewhere in Austrialia ??? There's so many places, I have no idea where to start! :(
I'm early 30s, probably gonna travel alone, don't have a degree (YET), hoping to maybe start WOOFing soon, I've been around the continental US doing seasonal outdoor work but haven't been outside the states yet. Maybe Iceland? Who knows! I don't.
How do you just... decide? I want to visit a lot of places while I'm still fairly young (30 is young, right?) but the world is just SO BIG! I know a lot of places speak English, I'm beginner in Spanish and hope to learn German soon. I don't know! There's so much to go see!
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2021.11.28 21:50 Burnerboy226 Trying out tinder...don’t get to many likes. Please rate and give feedback thanks!

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2021.11.28 21:50 Imaginary_Run8708 https://www.twitch.tv/leaplotterytoken Legendary day ahead... If you know what's good for your wallet, you will be there. Isn't it time you took life into your hands? Legendary

https://www.twitch.tv/leaplotterytoken Legendary day ahead... If you know what's good for your wallet, you will be there. Isn't it time you took life into your hands? Legendary submitted by Imaginary_Run8708 to CryptoMars [link] [comments]

2021.11.28 21:50 jak_3d Blue boys

How much better do you think the blue boys would be if they were able to cover change (swap) while being attacked by the opponent
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