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All of them are streaming CS:GO

2021.10.28 11:22 avadakedabr All of them are streaming CS:GO

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2021.10.28 11:22 Silverdome08 Photo Backdrop Stand for Parties 6.5x10ft Adjustable Studio Kit with Spring Clamp, Sand Bag, Carry Bag, $40. FREE for US product testers. DM for details

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2021.10.28 11:22 FanboyXP Had to do a doubletake to make sure this was legit

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2021.10.28 11:22 TheBestMeme23 What’s your favorite shoe brand?

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2021.10.28 11:22 Minute_Caregiver_211 [Grade 12 math:probability] Does anyone know how to do this?

There are 2 friends who are betting
they want to play a game of dice
they will use 2 fair 8 sided dices
if the friend pulls a sum of 4, 6 or 10 then he wins
if he pulls a 9 or a 13 he loses
BUT, if he pulls a sum that is not 4 6 10 9 or 13, he would have to keep rerolling. if he hits the same number, he wins, if he hits 10 he loses.
example: the friend pulls an 8, he would have to keep rerolling. if he hits 8 again he wins, if he hits 10 he loses.
The question is, what is the probability of the friend winning?
how would you do this?
so far I got 17/64 IF he rolled once and wins
the probability of winning on the first rolls is 17/64
how do you determine the probability of winning if he doesn't win on the first try?
how would I also determine if the friend has an advantage or is getting tricked?
I know you have to use conditional probability but I really cant find a way to do this
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2021.10.28 11:22 CryptKilla42 Can someone suggest me a good PowerBuilding program?

Hello everyone, I have been lifting casually for few years now. I tried different powerlifting programs but I'm thinking of transitioning to a powerbuilding program. Can someone please suggest me some? Thanks in advance.
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2021.10.28 11:22 DisbaitBgud A question about Creatine

I gain some extra water weights due to Creatine so should i increase calories intake to maintain my current physique or just keep eating the same? Thanks for reading.
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2021.10.28 11:22 -NotActuallySatan- Should I go for Hu Tao or wait for Ganyu?

I've been talking with my friend and he's been saying I should go Hu Tao but Ganyu does DUMMY THICK damage. I've done 68 wishes on a character banner which means I'm getting close to a 50/50. Should I just wait or just get Hu Tao? The reason I'm leaning towards Ganyu is because Hu Tao will probably get a rerun next Halloween whereas I don't have any idea when Ganyu will have another rerun.
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2021.10.28 11:22 Interesting_Today262 24m Anyone else looking for a friend that’ll stick around awhile?

Me too, me too. It’s tough finding people off of these subreddits, but I’m determined! I’ve got a pretty relaxing day ahead so I’d love to chat it up! I look forward to hearing from you :)
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2021.10.28 11:22 Grand-sea-emperor I am legion. I am mother. Chapter 99. Artemis on the run.

General Uhora Cagendruish sat down at her private dining room having breakfast. She cut herself a slice of fried scarzal lizard eggs.
She gets a priority alert. She pulls it up as she took a sip of her tea. Then spat it out when she saw the image of the surviving commanding officer of that unit. Limping out of the sewers. A missing left arm and a ruined right hand and arm.
[injuries pervasive. currently en route to field hospital.] the status board said.
She stood up and got into her uniform.
“Ho-“ corporal Calla was interrupted to a pissed general entering the command center.
“Artemis is there.” She said coldly standing at the holotank.
“We don’t have confirmation as of yet.” The corporal said with a shrug.
“No this is her.” The general locked her green eyes onto the corporal’s blue eyes. “Artemis is there and we all know to a certain extent how she operates.” She said quietly.
From the interrogations of the prisoners from Chargra prison. The very one that just had a major breakout, that this lady’s name is not Andrea, but a cover for her actual name. Thanks to the interrogations and bugging the prison cells and listening in on conversations.
But when the prison had a riot, her idiot lower general dispatched bombers, then sent drop ships that were in low orbit sorties after SAMs took down the aircraft.
After a good ass chewing and a demotion of that idiotic fuckwit who got into that high ranking position in which she didn’t belong. thanks to her political maneuvering along with mommy and her daddies various bribing to get her into a prestigious place. In which she didn’t belong.
“Send in paratroopers and dropships into these positions in Ca’taira.” She added green spots in the ruins of that once populous city. Because she intends on taking that woman. Cyborg sent by the republic most likely.
Artemis exited the sewers and immediately took in her surroundings. Wrecked and ruined buildings about her. Not the most ideal of circumstances at present, but she’s short on choices.
She lifts her belt fed to her shoulder and immediately goes down an alleyway. She taps into the defense net knowing that it’s most likely taken down because of her rampant use of it. Damn it she overused it so much that they’ve wised up to her actions. That would hamper her plans for getting up to the ship for the time being. For now it’s to get ahold of an ISS shuttle and get to orbit. Then take the onboard hand fire extinguishers and some oxygen tanks in the suit lockers and use them as improvised rockets.
Though the silver lining is that Artemis would never need a space suit for her important bits are protected against and resistant to vacuum and extreme temperature variants. Though her skin would crack, flake off, and lose its water turning her into a vacuum mummy stretched over a synthetic muscular frame. But she can make due with her onboard repair systems.
But that’s not going to matter much if she can get to that spaceport in particular.
A group of soldiers walked ahead. One turned and that’s all it took. Artemis lifts and fires at them, armor piercing, explosive and hollow point bullets tearing them to shreds. She covers the distance immediately and looks around the corners.
No one in sight. Odd.
She looks down at the soldiers and checked their packs for anything useful. Hmmm. What looks to be a radio, a combat knives. Then paused and pulled out what looks to be a folded piece of paper. She unfolded it.
A family photo of three adult Revani famales and one adult male with with two young boys and four girls looking to be between the ages of six and ten. Signed on the back, stay in good spirits Mommy! Can’t wait to see you soon.
Artemis stares at the image grimly. That girl has a family and she took her away from them. Then she takes a deep sigh at the one lost and the many others she had taken in her service.
As if a voice spoke within the back of her mind. “GET YOUR ASS BACK TO WORK!” A male voice shouts from a past life. “THE MISSION AIN’T DONE YET!”
Images of Romru and Vincent broke straight into her mind. Right, she has some people to get back to now.
She gets back to searching the others with a renewed vigor. She had taken some ration packs and placed them into her bag. Then looks around one more time then she slips away into the ruins of what seems to be a warehouse.
She sat in an office space and pulled out the ration packs. Then pulls out a trash container and immediately vomits up the remains of one of the Reezus. She can’t stand the idea of what feels like cannibalism anyways. Then wipes her face off as the partially digested remains stunk up the place. Luckily the skeleton was stripped of the titanium reinforcements for her ongoing repairs.
She turned and immediately started eating up the first three ration packs at a quick pace. She orders her nanites to add more graphene armor around her midsection to protect her bioreactors and secondary AI core expansion units. Then further armor around her pretty much fused and well armored rib age. Further Protecting her pair of cesium RTGs. She paused and then considered. Maybe that dark spot in her head needs additional protection. So she doubled the armor there. She kicked herself over the fact that she hasn’t bulked up her internal armor sooner.
This is it, at the speed she’s repairing and building at, she risks cooking her skin off.
Then she orders a thin layer of pure black graphene coating around her synthetic muscles. primarily for their properties of absorbing light. And to hide any glinting in the sunlight. As an added bonus it can supply additional power if her skin gets burned off.
She began to search the premise, mindful of the Windows and broken areas that would let the light in and the potential of a drone spotting her hot thermal signature. She picked up some items along the way, some computer chips from a ruined computer by the looks of it. She took them for the heavy elements found within them just in case.
She even found in some of the personal lockers as well as the desks various stashes of snacks and candy. She stuck them in her bag. She even found a secret stash of booze in what seems to be a call reception area. Someone really hates their job. She takes that too.
Let’s see there’s a flooded basement area, that can be handy. She sets her bag down at the steps close to the water then strips down to her underwear.
She entered the cold water. bringing her near skin melting temperature down slowly.
She sets on the stairs the bag of liberated booze, ration packs, candy, and snacks.
She then Submerged and scrubbed off the sewage stench then proceeded to her cloths to scrub out the muck. Then checks her stomach where the rebar went through. There’s a thin layer of synthetic skin over a pitch black graphene coating over her silvery synthetic muscular abs. She grimaced and sets the repair of her synth skin at a lower priority.
She then opens the bag and starts with the microchips for the replacement metals. Then takes a swig of the discovered workplace alcohol to wash away the potential metallic tast and the additional power it should supply. She then flips on her sense of taste and ate some candy bars. Huh, not bad. Very fruity, sweet and nutty. This stuff is definitely sufficient for her power needs.
She finished up her food and sat in the water listening in to the radio bands. Then eats another ration pack when the bioreactors need it.
[dropships inbound in 50 minutes. All troops clear areas 13-a 17-b and 59-c. Dropships inbound] and the message repeats itself.
Artemis got dressed quickly and puts on her backpack and grabs her guns. She immediately charged out of the area.
Chapter 100
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2021.10.28 11:22 P9thon4rms Looking for a cooling fan compatible with my HP 750-514 CPU upgrade

I recently bought an i7-7700k for my PC (HP Envy 750-514), upgrading from an i5-7400. I had searched for fans compatible with the new CPU and landed on an Intel BXTS15A--a bigger cooler, but not enough of a jump to necessitate a new PSU. I don't do any hardcore gaming, I'm just looking to improve the speed of my work computer. I'm using the stock GPU, an Intel HD 630 (which is likely my next upgrade). Unfortunately the new fan doesn't fit my mobo. There seem to be one or two problems: the plastic posts which anchor it are too big to fit into the mounting screw holes, and/or it's too high. The included thermal paste on the cooler hasn't made contact with the CPU, and I wasn't able to successfully anchor any of the posts. The mother board is an HP 82F1 1.01.
Are there any resources out there to check on fan/mobo compatibility before I order a new one? Any other advice? Apologies in advance if I'm leaving out any important info.
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2021.10.28 11:22 Silverdome08 Photo Backdrop Stand for Parties 6.5x10ft Adjustable Studio Kit with Spring Clamp, Sand Bag, Carry Bag, $40. FREE for US product testers. DM for details

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2021.10.28 11:22 anonymous-shad0w This Startup Just Raised $7.2 Million To Provide Healthcare For Hourly Workers

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2021.10.28 11:22 TheOriginalSammyG I unbox a CAMERATRAX HD PARALLAX but customised with the control unit as a remote with a 5-meter long cable! It's time to up my video shooting game. Would appreciate a sub while you're here! Thanks!

I unbox a CAMERATRAX HD PARALLAX but customised with the control unit as a remote with a 5-meter long cable! It's time to up my video shooting game. Would appreciate a sub while you're here! Thanks! submitted by TheOriginalSammyG to Youtube_Support [link] [comments]

2021.10.28 11:22 IHaveQuestionsDude 22F, Do I have PCOS or just PCO?

So the other day I went to the gynecologist to go on birth control and she did a checkup on me before perscribing them. Turns out my left ovary is polycystic (but the right one is fine). I did not do any blood tests, but I did do one 2 years ago and the results came back normal. I used to have other issues back in my teen years, so I wanted to ask if my symptoms could mean I have pcos or if it could just be pco.
At around 17 years old I started getting bad acne. Cystic and all over my chin and jaw. It only went away when I used accutane in my 20s. However, I did not have any other pcos symptom ever, even now. I did not have facial hair issues (in fact I am one of the least hairy people I know, even on body parts like the legs), and I have never had issues losing weight. I actually am currently underweight and am trying to gain some, but it's hard.
So my question is: is bad hormonal acne (that got treated with accutane) and one polycystic ovary enough to be diagnosed with pcos, even without the more common sideffects of pcos?
Additional question: is it possible that I will develop the other symptoms later on even if I don't have them now? (assuming I do have pcos?)
I am 22 years old, 47kgs (103lbs) and 166cm (5'4 or 5'5, google converters vary) if it matters.
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2021.10.28 11:22 Asleep_Start Bro wtfff

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2021.10.28 11:22 Iwe_18 Where to start?

Don't know if this is the right type of question for thus sub but I'll just ask anyway.
I'm a complete noob when it comes to philosophy but I want to learn more and get into it and I don't know where I should start.
Do you guys have any beginning tips or advice about getting into philosophy. What should I start reading for example.
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2021.10.28 11:22 lithium142 Based on story from Hera’s chat

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2021.10.28 11:22 King_Dagda Guess my age, height, and ancestry

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2021.10.28 11:22 ZoolShop Trying to make sense of it

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2021.10.28 11:22 HouseOfPsychedelia Medical Cannabis Now Available in Hyderabad :)

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2021.10.28 11:22 assagitaz PFT’s podcasting schedule for next week

Judging by his Twitter looks like he’s picked his 5 random small podcasts to go on for next week:
Monday - Off the Cob (corn podcast)
Tuesday - Don’t Change the Channel (business to business technology)
Wednesday - Exhibit Eh (Canadian personal injury law)
Thursday - Breakers of Chains (chain restaurants)
Friday - Tenuto Podcast (middle school band education)
Definitely going to have to listen to them. Wednesday and Friday in particular should be electric.
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2021.10.28 11:22 Tranquillian Does anyone have recommendations amongst companies that do the whole “vegan meal subscription” thing at the moment?

I’m 2 years vegan and always been a bit of a lazy cook, beige freezer stuff after a day at work, tend to eat healthier for breakfast but evening meals I just want to stick something in with minimal effort. But I’m intrigued by the various vegan meal subscription companies popping up lately, like say Planthood.
Some seem pretty nutritious, obviously you’re paying over the odds vs putting the effort in to shop for and make the food yourself…but yeah. Anybody who has tried them, any views on ones that were a letdown or ones you were impressed by? Thanks!
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2021.10.28 11:22 CatrinLY Was the adoption of Christianity a detrimental step for humanity, given the superior nature of Stoicism’s virtue ethics and reliance on reason, logic and objectivity to achieve an ethical way of living?

No “jealous” god and resorting to threats of punishment in an after life, or false promises of a heaven which made people neglect the present. The emphasis was on the individual, who could learn to live a ethical life through his own endeavours. Virtue was how you behaved, not what you said and relied on logic, reflection, self-control, self-discipline and modesty.
The cardinal virtues were wisdom, courage, justice and temperance, it’s a pity the Christians didn’t adopt the first of those.
Stoicism was a way of living, not a belief system and seems far more relevant to the 21st century. No priests telling you what to do, the way to happiness, synonymous with virtue, was through self-dialogue, which included coming to terms with mortality salience by remaining in the present moment. In other words, a form of what we now call mindfulness, to counteract the existential anxiety associated with the knowledge of the inevitability of death.
Then there was it‘s cosmopolitanism, as Diogenes said, ”I am a citizen of the world”, external differences between people are of no importance. This extended to all peoples, wealth and rank as well as country of means nothing. Seneca said that “those you call slaves…are on equal terms with yourself, he breathes, lives and dies”.
Then along came the adoption of Christianity, which took the emphasis off wisdom and seeking knowledge and halted progress for a thousand years. Here’s the Bible, that’s all you need to know, everything else, including the material world is irrelevant. What an appalling, inhuman doctrine.
Then you get the really ignorant people who say you have to have Christianity otherwise there is no morality.
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2021.10.28 11:22 bkpopallday ASTR 1270

Has anyone taken unsolved mysteries of the universe with Matthew Pryal? Class looks cool, but I need it to be fairly easy.
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