From reading anecdotal reports, I'm getting a feeling SSRIs are much better for anxiety and MAOIs/bupropion for depression

2021.10.28 11:00 flexitt From reading anecdotal reports, I'm getting a feeling SSRIs are much better for anxiety and MAOIs/bupropion for depression

Like seriously, has anyone with depression actually got better with an SSRI?
When I say depression, I mean anhedonia, loss of libido, emotional flattening (unability to cry), hypersomnia, fatigue, anenergia and lethargy.
I think condition where people feel anhedonic, but also cry a lot, can't sleep much, feel overwhelmed and anxious and have no hunger is a completely different disease, the one I call 'melancholic anxiety.' For this condition, I think SSRIs can work. For the first condition though, I have yet to find a person having experienced success with an SSRI.
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2021.10.28 11:00 pstanysuperb Upp Upp Upp

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2021.10.28 11:00 cogent_rambling Combine r/DWAC and r/DWAC_stock

[posting in both groups]
I'm in both groups, as are many others I imagine. Should we combine? More power in numbers, right? 10k in this group, 4k in other one.
Mods what say you
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2021.10.28 11:00 ZoolShop ECB’s lagged respose to raising rates to keep the euro on the back foot – MUFG

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2021.10.28 11:00 LozengerJYT How many people actually use HDR on their monitors?

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2021.10.28 11:00 Dodoboomer Cursed_Jello

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2021.10.28 11:00 OrangutanMan234 For the love of god can it frost already!!!!

Please pray for me. I’m dying. This allergy season has been one for the books. It seems to never end. Just one good over night frost to kill the ragweed is all I need. Im not asking for much. Just the ability to breathe. When I was a kid we’d be having snow ball fights by now. The leaves have barely fucking changed. Oh and it’s not fucking COVID. It’s fucking allergies and I’ve been fucked for 2 months now. Please god I don’t ask for much but if you could find it in your heart to let it fucking snow I’d be very fucking grateful. For 2 months I’ve been either blowing my nose or half awake from these pill. Please make it stop. I can’t live like this.
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2021.10.28 11:00 KitchenAd3097 5 Jazz Exercises That Will Improve Your Jazz Vocabulary

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2021.10.28 11:00 autotldr CNBC: US Economic growth rate slows to 2% on a sharp slowdown in consumer spending

This is the best tl;dr I could make, original reduced by 68%. (I'm a bot)

The U.S. economy grew at a 2% rate in the third quarter, its slowest gain of the pandemic-era recovery, as supply chain issues and a marked deceleration in consumer spending stunted the expansion, the Commerce Department reported Thursday.
Declines in residential fixed investment and federal government spending helped hold back gains, as did a surge in the U.S. trade deficit, which widened to a near-record $73.3 billion in August.
Consumer spending, which makes up 69% of the $23.2 trillion U.S. economy, increased at just a 1.6% pace for the most recent period, after rising 12% in the second quarter.
Spending for goods tumbled 9.2%, spurred by a 26.2% plunge in expenditures on longer-last goods like appliances and autos, while services spending increased 7.9%, a reduction from the 11.5% pace in Q2. The downshift came amid a 0.7% decline in disposable personal income, which fell 25.7% in Q2 amid the end of government stimulus payments.
"Overall, this is a big disappointment given that the consensus expectation at the start of the quarter in July was for a 7.0% gain and even our own bearish 3.5% forecast proved to be too optimistic," wrote Paul Ashworth, chief U.S. economist at Capital Economics.
Despite the Q3 weakness, economists largely expect the U.S. to bounce back in the fourth quarter and continue growth into 2022.
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2021.10.28 11:00 sarahroberts5389 Need advice :(

I have been in the thick of a very dark time in my marriage for years now and I need some objective thoughts. Sorry if this is long.
I have been married to my husband for a decade, we have two kids. For many years he has been leaving all parenting up to me, even right at the start when they were newborns and it was tough. My husband doesn’t treat me very nicely, he raises his voice if I address anything he doesn’t want to discuss, will slam things, has punched holes in walls etc. When he has a day off he will sleep until 2 or 3pm, and when he does get up he has zero interest in doing anything. If I say ‘what should we do this weekend?’ To try to make plans he gets irritated. I feel very much alone, but I’m dependant on him in many ways. My life is dictated by his moods which are rarely good. I try so hard to just be in a good mood for the kids and keep things happy for them, so I do everything I need to do to make things seem fine at home. So while he does have a horrible temper and will get furious, I don’t do the things that would set him off. I keep my mouth shut and never make waves.
Recently things have gotten worse because he has what I believe to be a gambling addiction. I can’t tell for sure, but when I look at what he’s looking at on his phone it is ALWAYS ‘Bet365’ so I’m thinking it’s that. It started with him buying what he said were trading cards for the children, but it escalated from hundreds of dollars a week to now basically all of our money. If I ask about where the money is going he LOOSES it, yells at me and storms out. We have a shared bank account and I am a stay at home mom, no income of my own though I’m trying desperately to get a job. I have had to borrow money from family to cover our mortgage during this time, and every day I look at our bank account and it’s line after line of money going out. The transactions are vague so I actually can’t tell where the money is going, but how he is also taking out payday loans, so it’s just a constant stream of money going in and out. I have zero agency over things and I worry that we won’t have money for groceries or our mortgage. And there is zero hope of savings or having any kind of life because he spends every penny. To give you a specific example, this week he was paid on Monday. His pay was $2400. I spent $150 on groceries right away. And as of today (Thursday) there is $200 remaining in the account. He spent almost all of it. Our mortgage comes out soon and I will have to ask my parents to help me pay it. And I can’t ask him about it or he will go into a rage.
On paper I know I must leave. But I’m so scared that the verbal and emotional abuse I experience will transfer from me to my children. He lies terribly and gaslights, and I know that if I weren’t there to shield them, he would make them feel that they weren’t allowed to say certain things to me. I worry they would feel like they too have to walk on eggshells which has been my entire life for years.
I’m scared that leaving is taking all of my fear and sadness and handing it to my children.
Please tell me what you would do in my shoes 😔
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2021.10.28 11:00 morenewsat11 Temporary wage increase for Ontario personal support workers extended into 2022

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2021.10.28 11:00 y_sg Abra Cadabra x Unknown T - Double Tap (Official Video)

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2021.10.28 11:00 Quick-Responder Selling Exam Papers. Edexcel, OCR, AQA etc💝♉️. DM me. Fast response, Cheap Price. 🖤

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2021.10.28 11:00 Proud-Canuck Do you sell your copywriting services as a packaged offer?

Does anyone sell their services as a packaged offer? And if so, what deliverables make up that package?
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2021.10.28 11:00 Dependent-Economy105 She's not much, but I like her number.

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2021.10.28 11:00 Appointment_Witty Does what happens in Therapy or fear of confronting your Therapist ever cause issues outside Therapy? Ie intrusive thoughts and crying.

I've got a high amount of trust issues with Dr's and medical professionals due to being misdiagnosed and ghosted previously plus anxiety. I trust my Therapist but my subconscious it seems often once there is a conflict or I feel hurt / confused by what they said or meant in session it ends up haunting me. Ie I was trying to relax watching a movie then my mind starts bringing up fragments of what they said and questioning it.
Anyone got an idea of what's going on or get this? It's like my anxious mind starts remembering and overanalzying what's said then making me anxious. I'll wake up suddenly with it on my mind too.
Ie when they say little things like there are other therapists out there that one day you may make like better randomly multiple times in the past. Then my mind would get anxious and bring it up.
I've also had a few things that kind of haunted me in Therapy. First when my Therapist induced a panic attack, I ended the session and really thought what am I doing with my life is this right for me, what just happened.
Also had a miscommunications with my Therapist ie them saying they'll no longer be seeing Friday clients in a few weeks and unsterstanding that as termination. That kind of tore me apart for almost two weeks until they saw me trembling in session and asking what was going on. I've always been scared to confront my Therapist about problems I perceive and my mind and body fall apart.
My main question is does anyone else's mind get flooded with doubts and questions when something goes wrong in Therapy? Any idea what this is called?
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2021.10.28 11:00 Phantomcelestialdex R/dxm BASHES Dexthecelestial

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2021.10.28 11:00 congressbot H.R. 5761: To amend title 5, United States Code, to provide increased locality pay rates to certain Bureau of Prisons employees whose duty stations are located in the pay locality designated as “Rest of U.S.”, and for other purposes.

Introduced: Sponsor: Rep. Randy Weber [R-TX14]
This bill was referred to the House Committee on Oversight and Reform which will consider it before sending it to the House floor for consideration.
1 cosponsor is on that committee. Summary
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2021.10.28 11:00 Independent_Bag9043 This is abit different but does anyone know somewhere legit and non feud website or apps to buy Insta followers?

This is abit different but does anyone know somewhere legit and non feud website or apps to buy Insta followers?
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2021.10.28 11:00 The_DandD_Dad [PS4] H: Skull Lord Blood Eagle suit and helmet. W: Apparel offers/Live and Love 8 offers/Leader Bobble head offers.

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2021.10.28 11:00 RedditReadsBot A Portrait of the Artist as a Young Man by James Joyce [Classics](1937)

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2021.10.28 11:00 All-Seeing-Bot Biden Preps Liberals for Letdown as Economic Plan Dashes Dreams | Bloomberg Quicktake: Now

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2021.10.28 11:00 vitaminar Need help figuring out a chapter.

Im trying to practice animation and remember a scene on the cartoon that I would like to recreate with other characters but I dont remember what happened on that chapter (I havent seen Spongebob in so many years). The scene is:
Spongebob is on the Krusty Krab.
He is waiting happily for someone to come to the Krusty Krab (Krabs or Squidward). He is on the right corner of the Krusty Krab (Inside). He is stick to the glass.
Once this character shows up (walking towards the KK doors), Spongebob follows him happily throw the whole walk, but Spongebob doesnt walk, he just follows this person like an magnet without moving his foots and a big happy face.
Its like he was excited for an answer about something or something like that...
Any help would be appreciate it.
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2021.10.28 11:00 Mr-Vengeance13 Castor’s Hollow - Father’s Promise

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2021.10.28 11:00 EmperorScarlet Leaked image from inside Activision Blizzard Headquarters

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