Prime the Rockets Hoge is taking off

2021.10.28 10:52 SconesBurnerAccount Prime the Rockets Hoge is taking off

With all the hype of Shib and Doge going on you should be searching for the next memecoin ready to take off.
Hoge has been on an absolute tear and is currently only sitting at 250 million marketcap with a top 5 exchange listing being announced.
The chances of a coin sitting over 40 billion marketcap 2xing again is extremely low. But a coin still at 250 million marketcap 10xing to 2.5 billion doesn’t seem too far off. I personally am target 2-2.5 billion marketcap before I take some profits.
Not financial advise ape in with with your own research.
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2021.10.28 10:52 MeghanB2174 EM demands we give nonqualified daugther a job working with wild animals.

Two women come in one a oldse women the other a girl in her late teen or early 20s
The mother comes up and ask for a job application
This is how it goes
Me: we don't have application you need to submit a resume and we will call you if we think you fit.
EM: My daugther wants a job here.
Me: ok well then she will have to make a resume with her work history and qualifications. And submit it our website.
EM: what qualification
Me: Well to work here you must have certain training. We deal with aggressive and sometime very dangerous animals. You have to know how to work with them. You also need to know how to react in emergency.
EM: My daugther is great with animals she worked for a farm last year
Me: I'm sorry but the animals we deal with are not farm animals. Some of them can and will kill you if given the chance.
EM: Oh your being dramtic. I know you have teenager from the school working here it can't be that dangerous.
Me: They don't work here . They volunteer here for school credit and they do not work with the aggressive animals.
EM: Well the she can work with the volunteers instead.
Me: No ma'am that is our volunteers jobs our Employees jobs are to handle the more aggressive animals. That why we hire them.
EM: Well then you can train her. Show her how to deal with the animals.
Me: No Ma'am we can't. We do not have time to do that. That why we require the qualifications. This is not a school. Our employees are busy and can't spend their time babysitting her..
EM: I want to speak to your boss.
Me: ok
Go get Jax. Explain everything
Jax: So Meg here tells me your daugther wants a job.
EM: Yes
Jax: ok well we are looking for a new tiger feeder.
(We do not nor have we ever had a tiger here)
EM: Tigar.
Jax: Yeah really feisty guy. I have been filling in for the last few week and the thing almost bit my arm of the other day.
EM: wait what
Jax: Yeah wild animals who knew. So if your daughter really wants the job she going have to sign a contact releasing us of any fault in the event of injury or death.
EM: What?
Jax: well work with dangerous animals. We have all our employees sign this. We can't risk being sued everytime a animal attack someone
( We don't have our employees sign this. Though risk of injury is made clear in the job description we maintain a very safe work environment.
if some was to happen they have really good health insurance and life insurance )
EM: Attacks!!!
Jax: Yeah I get attack all the time.
"Pulls up sleeve to show actual scars he has from though out the years. Not kidding his arm a cover in them. Calls them his badges of honor as they repersent the animals he helped" he came name what scar came from what animals.
Jax: But don't worry only 2 people died.
EM: I think we are going go.
Her and daughter and runs out the door.
(NOTE) I get it my english is bad. Stop commenting it. Not everyone grew up with english as there native. I really think some native english speaker are so completely clueless to the fact there a mutiple languages not just english . I speak english fine but I never grasp the grammars. And honeslty can you blame me. You guys use the same god damn word for mutiple thing mutiple time. It confusing as hell..
So I'm sorry if I'm using the wrong "your" or "their "are "where".
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2021.10.28 10:52 nahmatey If police don’t know where he is, I have a feeling he’s going to relocate the family to a no-extradition country before he can be charged. Thoughts?

Roman Polanski continues to walk free in France. Is Hilary perfecting her French accent as we speak?
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2021.10.28 10:52 sm4llcur10 Derby & Kilmer Desk Co., 93 Causeway Street, Boston, Mass.: No. 25. Typewriter Desk (1891)

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2021.10.28 10:52 G8kpr Jason and Rob speak about Restoration Games and what happened with the Thunder Road: Vendetta Kickstarter.

Came across the Rolling Dice and taking names podcast today where the latest episode the hosts talk to the guys From Restoration games About the cancellation of their latest Kickstarter project and what it means going forward.
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2021.10.28 10:52 JasmineDiamondMusic Lofi Romantic - Lofi Chiil - Lo-Fi Chill [Lo-Fi Romantic]

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2021.10.28 10:52 farronheit_daytime [FRESH VIDEO] Lana Del Rey - Tulsa Jesus Freak

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2021.10.28 10:52 Namtcarf312 I have been talking to this girl but I can’t tell if she likes me?

I am a college freshman and I met this girl that was in a school group chat on Instagram. She requested to follow me so I followed her back and I noticed that she was pretty cute and she had her snap in her bio so I added her. She added me back and we snapped back and forth for about 2 weeks. At this point we have never talked it’s just been snaps with no caption. Out of the blue I ask her if she wants to meet up to get lunch or something. She responds with a time that works with me and we go to a place to get boba tea. When we were hanging out I asked for her phone number. Then a week later I ask her to get lunch at the dining hall but she offers that we should get smoothies instead which I was fine with. We text a decent amount but it’s mostly about school. I did compliment her outfit and said it was cute and she her response was “aww thank you, I made sure I wore a cute outfit today” I’m really bad at picking up signs and I don’t want to shoot my shot unless I assume that she likes me.
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2021.10.28 10:52 jinsoulfeen Who do you think is the worst main character of a show or movie?

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2021.10.28 10:52 Ok_Board9424 Missed Doge ? Get American Shiba !

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2021.10.28 10:52 EmbraceTheJourn3y Terras fastest growing meme coin $DKWON 👀 DogeKwon is named in respect of Terras founder. Don’t miss out on this one!! 🐶🚀
🟢 100% of the LP connected to the devs was burned and proven.
💵 Approved and posted to the front page of Coinhall with only the top names in Terra
🐶 Utility is being released later today
Don’t miss this one!!
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2021.10.28 10:52 QueeLinx Is the accuracy of Bayesian Improved Surname Geocoding bad news for privacy protection at the Census? Technically no, PR-wise probably.

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2021.10.28 10:52 Snoo-31920 How to avoid unclaimed inheritance in future?

I am a UK citizen who is resident in Portugal with assets of real estate in Portugal and Spain, plus stock investments in a global portfolio. I have poor relations with most of my family and am single with no dependents. I wish to make a will which will benefit a carefully selected group of young people I know, who could benefit from financial assistance, but who are not related to me and who live on other countries; some of them I only know from online friendship developed during the time of covid. Where, and how, could I best structure my will to ensure that my wishes have the best chance be being enacted? Some of people I wish to receive assets might not even have any way of being notified in the event of my death.
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2021.10.28 10:52 Pie4Weebl What to do... what to do...

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2021.10.28 10:52 ABottleofHotSauce absolutely hilarious, yet another "accidental" reporting scam

Perks#8485 is a scam account, probably will be gotten rid off but in case it is not, I'm posting this so that nobody falls for this lmfao
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2021.10.28 10:52 vladalecu WiredVibe - Personalized Music for Focus using Neuroscience-Based Sounds

Hello guys,
I am excited to announce that a project I have been working on for the past year, WiredVibe 2.0 has been launched recently. We are looking to gather as much feedback as possible, to help fix issues that may appear.
Features include:

It would be a huge honor for us if you are among the first people who would like to try it and share your valuable experience so far. For us, it represents an important step in the process of improving the product and overall customer satisfaction.
If you have suggestions, we could discuss them here.
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2021.10.28 10:52 Annoying_Peasant Would I only need LJS or would bimax be optimal? What about sliding genioplasty? Trying to plan my budget. I have an overbite.

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2021.10.28 10:52 Littlekittysilver Selling Flowers and Free DYIs

Selling Flowers and Free DYIs

I sell almost all my hybrid flowers for 300 bells each.
Halloween Colors:
  • Black Tulips (19 available)
  • Black Roses (6 available)
  • Black Lilies (18 available)
  • Black Cosmos (10 available)
  • Orange Tulips (10 available)
  • Orange hyacinths (12 available)
  • Orange Pansies (18 available)
  • Orange Roses (18 available)
  • Orange Lilies (18 available)
  • Orange Cosmos (18 available)
  • Purple Mums (6 available)
  • Purple Pansies (10 available)
  • Purple Roses (6 available)
  • Purple Tulip (10 available) (1 NMT for 2 or 2MNT for 5 flowers)
  • Purple Hyacinths (15 available)(1 NMT for 2 or 2MNT for 5 flowers)
  • Purple Windflowers (5 available)(1 NMT for 2 or 2MNT for 5 flowers)
Other Colors:
  • Blue Roses (25 available)(1 NMT for 2 or 2MNT for 5 flowers)
  • Blue Hyacinths (15 available)
  • Blue Windflowers (10 available)
  • Blue Pansies (10 available)
  • Gold Roses (7 available)
  • Green Mum (6 available)
  • Pink Roses (10 available)
  • Pink Hyacinths (10 available)
  • Pink Tulips (5 available)
  • Pink Mums (20 available) SELLING FOR 100 BELLS EACH
  • Pink Lilies (10 available)
  • Pink Cosmos (5 available)
  • Pink Windflowers (9 available)
SPECIAL FLOWERS: (1 NMT for 2 flowers or 2MNT for 5 flowers)
  • Blue Roses (25 available)
  • Purple Tulip (10 available)
  • Purple Hyacinths (15 available)
  • Purple Windflowers (5 available)
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2021.10.28 10:52 larrydragoi Best citation in gaming

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2021.10.28 10:52 nivyanth Childhood short story contains trolls and two lovers where trolls kidnap the girl and tree grows out of the boy.

This is a childhood story I read which I don't rememer completely. This is what I remember.
The story starts with an author describing a tree looking at it through his window and tells its origins. The tale is about a boy and a girl where the girl is kidnaped by trolls and held in forest. The boy rescues the girl somehow and takes her away in a boat on a river. The trolls throw trees at the floating boat and I guess the girl drowns. Then the boy rests on the shore to never stand where a tree grows out of him. The author after finishing telling the story (he might have been writing it), the author dies.
P.S: It is a short story in English textbook 5th standard in 2006-2007 of Andhra Pradesh state board.
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2021.10.28 10:52 JustAnotherPenmonkey Strange Stories in Winter part twenty

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2021.10.28 10:52 Proper_Account_47 [USA-NY][H]Switch OLED, iPad Pro 2018 12.9" 1TB, Pencil [W]MacBook or Ultrabook

Repost: (I am SO bad at timestamps. Last try to fish for more offers)
So... I'm back. Still quite broke, but my aunt got me a switch for my birthday. I appreciate it since I know it was hard as hell to get, but I'm 27 and never used a game console before lol.
In the previous post, no one even offered a trade for a laptop but starting to get a bit more desperate, and really don't want to go for some cheap one. So looking for local trade, or shipping trade for long battery life, ultrabook. Preference is given to MacBook M1s.
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2021.10.28 10:52 Good_Pause107 Saud 🏡 🇸🇦 on Twitter

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2021.10.28 10:52 TN_Egyptologist Model boat

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2021.10.28 10:52 TikiCruise Can you see palantir having a role in longevity research ?

Hi, I'm curious about your insight. Not talking stock price but.. overall the vision.. where do you see palantir standing in 20 years and can you see it having a role in helping longevity research?
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